Creator of Seeco App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The creator of Seeco, an offline interaction app for every situation, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development and distribution funds.

The creator of Seeco, an app designed to change or offer an alternative to the “culture of loneliness” inherent in today’s technology, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the development and distribution of this app.  Seeco is a mobile application that allows users to find practical ways to promote personal last-minute gatherings to increase social interaction without increasing written communication such as texting.  Although it is not a dating app, Seeco allows users to meet friends and enjoy the company of others safely and spontaneously.

“Our mission is to promote connectedness and face-to-face interaction while enhancing people’s experience when visiting businesses,” says the creator.  “We created Seeco to change the way people start a real connection with others. We provide them with a tool to actually meet people in the real world. We don’t allow endless chatting; with Seeco, we create a ‘let’s do this’ culture that is missing in today’s social media.  The great thing is that people will have a new option for finding others to enjoy activities.  For example, when someone has an extra show ticket that would go to waste, the owner can post a ‘hang’ in the concert venue on the exact map location and immediately know who will join the group at the last minute!”

Seeco is an app to put users in touch with flesh-and-blood human beings. It goes against the idea that technology approximates people. With this app, users post a gathering or “hang” and establish the size of the company they wish to participate.  A hang could be at a bar or a restaurant, a concert venue or sporting event, or any number of other public locations.  People join in and show up at the place instead of chatting online for long periods of time. Chatting is used for logistical purposes only, such as confirming arrival times, and hangs must happen within the day they are created or within the following day.

Seeco will also create a marketplace that puts people in touch with neighborhood businesses in order to increase their traffic. This creates a win-win situation for both users and small businesses.  The creator’s long-term plan is to offer users multiple discounts and e-coupons that will cut expenses in half every weekend.

Seeco features Facebook sign-up capability; geolocation technology; sharing abilities such as text messaging, Instagram, Twitter and e-mail; filtering and search abilities by miles, number of people, age and key word; co-host addition; private or public hangs; hang ratings; map, list and photo views ordered by distance; and repeat and edit abilities.

The Kickstarter campaign, located at, features pledge levels from $5 to $250, with perks ranging from badges to invitations to private parties.

For details on pledge levels and associated perks, see the Kickstarter page.

About Seeco:  

Seeco is an app that encourages human interaction by allowing users to create spontaneous events and invite others to join.  Now, the creator of this app has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds.


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