New platform SMAB turns podcasts into interactive audio

The experience of listening to podcasts is enhanced with images, videos, links and transcript, added as a synchronized layer to the audio.

Vigo, Spain – Internet’s audio content offer has just been widened and improved with the launch of SMAB, a media hosting platform that allows an easier distribution and discovery of audio contents to listeners who are not necessarily part of the podcasting universe.

SMAB is a platform where anyone can become an audio publisher and broadcast his own tracks, connect with an audience, and monetise his work. Internet users won’t only be able to publish content, but also discover a new listening experience.

Unlike other podcast platforms, content published on SMAB can be enriched with synced visual goodies. SMAB allows authors to add and synchronise contextual info, such as videos or links, making the whole experience richer. 

Audio content will also be easily indexed by search engines – anyone will be able to find them through Google search – since they are automatically transcribed. Users will also find it easy to share their favourite audios on social media.

SMAB offers content producers another important advantage: they will be able to monetise their audios by publishing them as paid content (perfect for audiobooks and eLearning courses), or serving visual ads linked to the visual layer. This ads won’t hurt user experience – they are not invasive, and are related to users interests.

“SMAB makes it possible to build an audience, find listeners outside the podcast community, and helps Google see inside your podcast or audiobook,” explains Adrian Dogar, CEO of SMAB. “You can publish your stories on interactive audio format, and offer your presentations or notes to the audience in the moment they need them with SMAB’s sync tool,” he adds.

Live on Indiegogo

We have currently launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to get some support for further development and generate some buzz. Audio professionals can opt-in for perks containing  hosting and ultra-fast transcription services that helps their content being discovered by Google. 

What makes SMAB special

Using SMAB as a platform to offer education and cultural contents is one of the things making it different from other podcasting platforms. “SMAB is my two cents effort to improve the education system,” explains Adrian Dogar. “I would like the platform to help young people, to become a useful tool in their training, especially for those who have to juggle study and work,” he adds.

Education contents are extremely important on SMAB, but not the only kind of audios Internet users will find on the platform. They will also be able to listen to audiobooks, and on demand radio. SMAB is also easier to use than other audio platforms, since it allows users to filter contents in a simple way, and to see related info, which enhances the listening experience.

For podcasters, content producers, SMAB is a way of reaching wider audiences, and it offers an easy monetisation option. SMAB includes visual, non-invasive ads, so the user experience remains fluid, and untouched. Podcasters can also offer their contents for a low price.

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Company Name: SMAB
Contact Person: Adrian Ruben Dogar
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Country: Spain