Pre-orders for the first printing of the graphic novel to be shipped in time for holidays!

“Heroes Haven” – New Graphic Novel Announces Limited Edition Pre-Order Launch

LOS ANGELES, California – December 3, 2015 – “Heroes Haven” a new comic book series by Creator Mario Simone, is now ready to become the first graphic novel in the story line. 

Pre-orders of the first printing of “Heroes Haven Graphic Novel Volume 1”, 180 page count, are currently being taken. This initial promotional printing is not expected to exceed 250 printed books, making this a limited released edition. This printing will also include additional art work not available in the comic book issues, and will it will be shipped in time for the holidays and gift giving. 

Orders can be placed on both the Heroes Haven website and through Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign offers additional perks for backers not available on the website, as well as both the digital download and the printed six issues of the comic book, HP Laptop computer with “Heroes Haven” original art printed directly onto the computer and phone cases also with “Heroes Haven” artwork. 

“This was an amazing journey,” said creator Mario Simone, “I have created a completely new world here, with original and relatable characters, and I’m excited to finally share them with fans in a full story arc.”

Gotham City Films, LLC, is the publisher behind the series as well as the production company developing both the TV series and the Feature Film from the title.  

Heroes Haven Story Overview:

In this new series, set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angles, the US government funds a research facility called “Heroes Haven”. A place where scientists are trying to unlock a newly found DNA Code that is thought to enhance the “Super Hero Potential” in humans.  

A Drug is being developed called V-1, that when injected, is expected to “awaken your inner hero” and develop these superhuman powers.  In this utopian place, good prevails and people are encouraged to become their best and most accomplished selves. 

A secret evil society develops from within the Haven, which plans to overthrow the good people of the facility, and utilize this research to create a super army that can be used to take over the world and gain ultimate power. 

Secret V-1 testing begins on the underbelly of society, people begin to die and others are left in levels of decay and are dumped back on the street of LA to live out the rest of their broken lives in a zombie like state. 

Once the facility is overtaken, the characters of “Heroes Haven” are forced to take sides, and the epic war begins for world domination. 

An active contest to win an HP three-in-one computer is also being sponsored by the publisher.  When entering to win, parties will all automatically receive a free digital copy of the Heroes Haven “mini-book” (the first 15 pages of issue 1) as well as their chance to win the computer just by joining the mailing list for the property.


The publisher is also happy to gift this mini-book to any press that would like to take a look, and the Creator of the book is also be available for interviews and podcasts. Please email for more information on both. 

For more information about Heroes Haven, visit the website at or click here

To pre-order this incredible graphic novel, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Perks will be delivered in December 2015. 


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