The Dating App Meach Launched: Not Just To Meet, But Also To Guard Your Love

For a simple connection, there’s Tinder. But for serious and stable relationships among strangers, there isn’t an obvious go-to app, especially in South-east Asia. As a  new-comer, Meach is not just aimed to meet new people, but also to guard the love. According to the current situation, Meach explored own approach to the destination.

Love at second sight is available

Unlike Tinder, Meach can have a preview to the photos of strangers with scrolling up and down. If you love anyone at first sight, you can tap the button “like”to show love. Also after some scrolls, a pass-by pops into your mind. Don’t worry, you can also go back to view that one‘s photos. After all, as is said by Specialize, only 5% of people can love at first sight each other. Undoubtedly the design of Meach can help increase the chance of dating and matching.

Become Guardian by competition


Competition is the nature of men, especially of the young. In western countries, men always fight for their women by arms to death. With Meach, you don’t have to fight with some, the only thing they can do is to buy virtual diamonds for his lover, after that they will be the exclusive guardian. Who paid the highest will have honor to become the guardian and have privilege to display his avatar on her profile. It seems to announce to the world “she is mine”. And the guardian, the knight in the girl’s eyes, have more chance to chat and date the girls. Girls will show more passion and company with him in return. Thus the guardian and the Venus can have more stable relationship. But competition is everywhere, the guardian also should keep an eye to be challenged and drove away by the next competitor one day.

Atop the leaderboard


Meach has a special leaderboard page. But it only shows TOP 3 both on the  leaderboard of the popular and the rich. The more user receive diamond, the more popular she is. Similarly, the more user sent diamonds, the more generous and richer he is. As a proof, the member on Meach can easily start up a new date. Besides, the system can keep the leaderboard updated at any time once somebody newly atop it .

In real life, we meet strangers all the time and seldom have a deep relationship. Meach, a new dating APP for Southeast Asia, is creating more and more romances, dating chance, and friends by competing as a guardian among the youth. Let’s look forwarding to his development.

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