Custom Bobbleheads with Free Proofing For 100% Satisfaction Now Available On Etsy Marketplace

Etsy is a marketplace for people to buy or sell unique items online or offline. People can now purchase custom bobbleheads online on Etsy with free proofing until one gets the 100% satisfaction.

A creative entrepreneur has now ventured into the Etsy marketplace to sell custom-made bobbleheads and wedding cake toppers for people to get the products with complete satisfaction. With an experience of making bobbleheads since 1998, the entrepreneur offers free proofing until one satisfies with the model or design.

One can now purchase high quality custom bobbleheads on Etsy with a 3D likeness. All bobbleheads are handmade in the polymer clay material. The finest handcrafted bobbleheads are available in different color choices and in various sizes to choose from. There is no use of paint, resin or moulds and all dolls are of top quality with a perfect replica of the image provided by a client. The dolls are pretty similar to the original images and precisely meet the skin and eye color. Moreover, the product will be modified unlimited number of times until it satisfies the client needs.

One can also choose a custom wedding cake topper that will be designed based on the photos of the clients. The handmade cake topper can feature the models of the bride and the groom and it could be more appropriate for a wedding reception. Made from the finest quality polymer clay, the dolls can have several styles and designs as well as a variety of color choices. Without using moulds or resin, the dolls are available in glossy skin and look highly attractive.

People can also find groomsmen gifts on the Etsy marketplace that are made to order to match the customer needs. The handmade polymer clay models are shipped from Hong Kong in safe packaging to the worldwide destinations.  Since the dolls are made using manual techniques without the use of moulds, they match the perfect replica and satisfy the client needs more specifically.

Anyone interested in getting custom-made bobbleheads or cake toppers need to follow a simple order process and send them the photos and the instructions.

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About Custom

Custom Bobblehads Etsy has been making bobbleheads since 1998. He supplies100% handmade custom bobblehead dolls from customer’s photos. He will modify the dolls until a customer gets 100% satisfaction without limited. These bobblehead figures are perfect gifts for nearly any occasion, from significant birthdays, graduations, weddings, promotions, retirements, to achievements, and more. Besides, he can make bobbleheads that commemorate an important memory, a lost friend, or a special person.

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