Nexus 6P USB-C and Mobile Phones Charging On The Go Problem Solved

New MAXiOS 3X3 All-in-One Keychain Charger to charge the USB-C port Nexus 6P phones without carrying messy cables

LONGWOOD, FL – Dec 03, 2015 – BRiK Tech, introduces the MAXiOS 3X3 All-in-One Keychain Charger to solve the growing problem of finding USB-C chargers and cables on the go.  

The solution was borne out of necessity when the much-anticipated Nexus 6P was revealed to be using the still uncommon USB-C charging port. 

The new Nexus 6P is full of the latest technology – including USB-C charging.  Unfortunately, right now USB-C cables and devices are still not common, and the only choice is to carry around long and messy wires.  The MAXiOS 3X3 Keychain Charger offers the only all-in-one compact solution available now.

It’s the most powerful and versatile charging cable for any mobile device anywhere – now and into the future.  While other devices claim to be 2-in-1, MAXiOS 3X3 is truly all-in-one.  The power output end fits the new USB-C (Nexus 6P), micro USB (Samsung), and Lightning (Apple) ports.  The power input end draws power from USB (charger, battery pack, PC), micro USB (Android phone / tablet), and USB-C devices. 

What’s even more amazing is that if you are nowhere near a regular USB charger, the MAXiOS 3X3 can turn Android mobile devices into a backup battery (even the Nexus 6P) to charge your Android, Apple, and just about every mobile device with a micro USB port.

All this is in a convenient and lightweight 4 inches of tough silicone, copper wires, and steel connectors that fits onto any keychain.  The very affordable package consists of the main MAXIOS keychain cable, along with a micro USB to USB-C adapter, and USB to micro USB adapter.  It’s also obsolete proof because the modular design can be retrofitted with adapters for future technologies as needed.

Output Connectors:

  • USB-C (Nexus 6P and more)
  • micro USB (Samsung, LG, Android)
  • Lightning (iPhone, iPad)

Input Connectors:

  • USB (charger, battery pack, PC port)
  • micro USB (Android phone / tablet – OTG compatible)
  • USB-C (Nexus 6P, Nokia tablet, etc.)


The suggested retail price of the MAXiOS 3X3 is $20, and shipping will start in late December 2015.  As part of the holiday spirit, BRiK Tech has authorized their retailers to offer steep discounted prices as low as $10.

Visit for more details on the MAXiOS 3X3 and how to order.

About Wan Tam and BRiK Tech:  

Mr. Wan Tam is the world’s oldest Kickstarter campaign creator.  At 90, he launched a successful project to raise money for the production and distribution of his BRiK DIY Wireless Speaker System.  In 2014, in conjunction with preparations for the Kickstarter project, he set up a new company to bring other BRiK Tech products to market with a professional staff to run it full time.

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