TNT Therapy Is Fast Becoming One Of The Most Recommended Alternative Health Therapies In The UK

TNT Therapy is a technique that was invented by Chris Gillies. The therapy can help people with Fears & Phobias, Eliminate Distressing Memories, and Help Victims of Abuse Trauma to remove the emotional attachment. It can also help Remove anger of a specific event, Remove food cravings, Reduce symptoms of PTSD, Panic Attacks and many other problems. The technique was designed to deal with the real problems and remove any negative behavior and convert that into positive results.

A new alternative health therapy, which was designed three years ago is quickly becoming one of the most talked about and recommended therapies in the UK. TNT Therapy (Total Neurological Tapping) was designed by hypnotherapy expert Chris Gillies to tackle serious problems that people may have.

Total Neurological Tapping tackles important health problems to help improve people’s lifestyles. It was designed to tackle many issues, which includes fear and phobia, as well as helping to reduce chronic pain. Other issues TNT can help include:

Eliminate Distressing Memories, Help Victims of Abuse Trauma to remove the emotional attachment. TNT has also been proven to Help Remove food cravings, Reduce symptoms of PTSD, Panic Attacks and many other problems.

Chris Gillies said: “TNT Therapy is a system designed to change the way the subconscious thinks about a specific thing and to change the memory recall pattern and permanently remove its negative effects from both our mind and body.”

With the positive reviews, TNT Therapy has received and the positive results it has achieved, it is becoming a highly regarded therapy for tackling issues directly and bringing a solution. It is a powerful tool that helps to reduce issues in a person’s life where it can completely remove that problem.

When a person suffers from health issues and other serious issues such as anger problems, it can reduce a person’s lifestyle and even affect the family and friends around them. Some people who have serious problems such as Panic Attacks go through life struggling and not living life to the full as they believe there is no real help out there. However, TNT Therapy has been helping people over the past three years to deal with these issues and give the person their life back.

One previous client, Angela Neale, who suffered from anxiety when public speaking turned to Chris and his TNT therapy and within five minutes her fear was removed.

She said: “The TNT Therapy system is fantastic, Chris used it on me and in under 5 minutes an anxiety I had of public speaking was eliminated, it was like being a new person and has allowed me to do my presentations at work without the fear I previously had. I would encourage anyone who has something holding them back in life to use TNT Therapy, its fast, effective and most of all life changing.”

Chris wants his therapy to help people all over the world, so he has now launched a course in TNT Therapy. The course would be beneficial for people who work in the alternative health industry, which includes hypnotherapists. The course can be taken through a home study course or through live advanced clinical hypnotherapy.

Jo-Anne Eadie (Therapist) who has already taken the course said: “I took your TNT therapy class in Las Vegas, I really love the technique especially with children it’s fun it’s effective, and it’s easy to learn that’s important for the client.”

Although TNT is still relatively unknown outside of the Alternative Health Industry, with its ever growing popularity and the number of people it has helped, it is set to become one of the most used therapies to help people overcome their problems.

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About Chris Gillies

Christopher`s skills and success as a hypnotist have been widely published in the Press, and he run’s evening, full day and weekend, Self-Help and Personal Development events for the public during which he helps them to generally change every area of their life for the better using the awesome power of Hypnosis and TNT.

He is also the course director of the Hypnosis academy, running fully accredited training in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, rapid hypnosis & stage and street hypnotism.

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