East African Food Security Enterprise Seeks Second Round Funding For Expansion

US enterprise based in Eastern Africa specializing in food security plants is currently seeking social investors for their expansion project.

Forestry and Agricultural Investment Management (FAIM) Africa, which focuses on producing clean, disease free food security plants such as bananas, passion fruit, tamarillo and pineapple for the African farmer, is now seeking social investors for their second round funding to be earmarked for expansion in building and furnishing a Tissue Culture Lab Facility in Rwanda.

FAIM Africa provides agricultural services to its customers such as farm management, consultation, extension services, field visits as well as the FAIM farm school for teaching their customers how to plant and care for their crops.

On the ground since 2010, FAIM Africa, Ltd provides food security plants to Rwandan government institutions at both the central and local levels, NGOs, farming cooperatives, institutions and organizations, private companies and schools as well as servicing large and small farmers.

FAIM Africa was the recipient of the 2010 African Enterprise Challenging Fund (AECF), which is organized to stimulate the private sector entrepreneurs in Africa to innovate and find profitable ways of improving access to markets and the way markets function for the poor, particularly in rural areas.

In February 2015, FAIM Africa won the SANKALP AFRICA Award for excellence in business and commitment to creating sustainable impact.

To learn more about FAIM Africa and become involved in their new expansion project, contact Mr. John Simon, Former Ambassador AU at Total Impact Capital. Phone: 202-415-4774 or jsimon@totalimpactcapital.com

Media Contact
Company Name: FAIM Africa LTD
Contact Person: Steven A. Jones
Email: sjones@faim.co
Phone: +25 (0) 78 838 6266
Address:KN 80, #9
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Website: http://www.faim.co