Sibling Abuse Is Not Sibling Rivalry – New Bestseller Reveals How to Detect the Difference Before Children Are Scarred For Life!

ALTO, NEW MEXICO – December 03, 2015 – In the new bestseller, My Five Sisters: A Psychological Thriller Based on a True Story About Multiple Personalities, Pam Franklin helps readers discover how to detect sibling abuse early.

While sibling rivalry seems like a normal part of growing up, recent sibling abuse statistics show that over 53% of the time rivalry goes too far and can create both physical and emotional scars for life. ~ Teen Violence Statistics

Told through the eyes of a young child, My Five Sisters is a psychological thriller written by a sibling who was tortured mentally and physically from the age of six until she was thirteen by her older sister who had five distinct personalities.

How long can a child be tortured mentally and physically by a sibling and still not suffer permanent psychological damage? Patra shares with readers an entire childhood. By the age of six, Patra realized there was something drastically wrong with her sister, Angela. Angela, not knowingly, could switch from one personality to another in a matter of seconds. Not only was there a mental change, but there was also a physical change.

This is a psychological thriller focused on a child’s struggle to survive her sister’s mental illness. Readers follow as Patra navigates among her sister’s five distinct personalities – some of which mean her great harm and wish her death.

Through the tumultuous journey throughout Patra’s childhood, there is an intriguing story of love, laughter, sorrow, and pain. It shows the great strength one can maintain throughout a young life seemingly without any hope. Readers will find Patra’s determination to live remarkable and her faith in her ability to survive astounding.

“A raw and chilling portrait of survival. Should be required reading for introductory psychology students.”
 – John Fithian, President, National Association of Theatre Owners

Pam Franklin spent a lifetime trying to escape her past. Pam was born and raised in and around Jackson, Mississippi where she spent most of her life. At sixty-five years old, she decided to embrace her early childhood and write it down in a journal. The process was so cleansing she wanted to share her story with other people who had lived through the same type of abuse she had endured at the hand of her mentally unstable older sister. As a successful businesswoman for the past forty years, Pam feels her ability to overcome such a challenging childhood made her into the strong and versatile person she is today.

Franklin is available for interviews.

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