The Rise of a National Brand – Qiji

As people’s living standard is increasing day by day, their requirement of beauty-pursuing is higher and higher and the methods of beauty care become increasingly diversified. For beauty-conscious women especially young and fashionable ladies, they pay more attention to famous and international brands. But what kinds of brands can be called as famous brands or international brands? The president of Yangkyou Industry Ms. Qin has quoted a well-known saying in Luxun’s literature work “The Qie jieting Miscellaneous Collection” that, “Only the national is the global”, which is the generalization of her understanding on the famous brands and international brands.

In her opinion, with the development of times and the speeding up of economic globalization, it is particularly important to establish our own national brand. Therefore, Yangkyou has the mission to undertaken the “national” responsibility and help the independent research and development of the national brand to stand out. Yangkyou aims at attracting the public view again and receiving their recognition to make the public change the concept that only overseas skin care products represents the fashion trend. Although bristled with difficulties and under great pressure, Qiji has finally stand out by solving the technological problems and breaking through the barrier of conventional concepts, and represented a mythology of “high quality and health” as a national cosmetic brand. 

Many industry insiders have pointed out that, Chinese national brands are faced with numerous pressure of competition from the global market. However, Ms. Qin, the president, has won the appraise and recognition from all audiences at presence by taking Qiji as the very example and also she regained the confidence as being a national brand. She said, “when stepping in the stage, Qiji is global oriented, with the world-class level no matter from our outsourcing design team, R & D team, laboratory construction to our raw materials base construction. As a highborn brand, Qiji deserves the reputation.”

In order to find the natural and healthy raw material as the main material of Qiji, after a field trip of travelling over mountains and waters, Qiji team eventually chose the wild black medlar growing in one of the 3 major inland basins, Qaidam Basin, surrounded by 3 mountains, where the environment is good, air is fresh and the geographic location enjoys exceptional advantages. Black medlar growing in this area is the healthiest and not polluted. The anthocyanin content in black medlar is rather high, a few times or even dozens of times more than the anthocyanin in blueberry, so it is praised as the king of anthocyanin. Qiji extracts the essence of black medlar – anthocyanin and the technique has already applied for national patent. It is the achievement of Qiji team’s joint effort; moreover, it is the uniquely advantageous geographic environment that creates the precious vegetation.

Chinese national spirit enjoys great prestige in the world. Qiji also roots itself in culture and is highborn. Its brand effect is obvious to all. In less than one year, it has successfully established cooperation with CCTVMALL and become its preferred brand. Market situation tells us that it is the brand with the greatest potential in the field of skin care and creates a new fashion in the history of skin care on behalf of national independent research brands.

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