Last Sunday 29th of November, from Paris to New York, Lisbonne to Rio, London to Sydney and more, 6,000 people were ready to run 10 km, starting from their doorsteps, miles away from other enthousiats, but all focus on the same goal, support UNICEF cause.

This remarquable sport and solidarity effort has reach 94,908,79 euros / $AU 137,000 for children in need.

Team UNICeF World Run challenged people restraint free, to run 10 km from anywhere, anytime geared with their favorite running app (Nike+, Runtastic, endomondo, Runkeeper, MapMyRun or Strava, Garmin or Polar) in order to measure running performance from each player remotely and individually.

The world race was supposed to take place on the 15th of November 2015 and had been postponed due to the tragic events in Paris.

On the day of the race from 12.00AM to 11.59PM, runners showed great motivation and solidarity by filling 6,072 pair of shoes to run this unique race!

UNICeF France is thankful to TeAM UNICeF for the support from runners who gave their Sunday for this “run for life” gathering and “hope for the future” engagement from each one. The donations raised during this day will help UNICeF keep on caring out their mission to improve children living conditions all over the world, says Sebastien Lyon, General Manager of UNICeF France.

“I am really proud to contribute to the success of the first edition of the race. Moreover considering the tough times people are going through, sports and solidarity values have to step out to maintain and achieve peace,” added Martin Fourcade, member of TeAM UNICeF.

Team UNICeF World Run key takeaways

  • 6,072 runners in 57 countries
  • 94,908,79 € / $AU 137,000 collected for UNICeF representing 19,000 children vaccinations
  • More than 500 pictures shared on Instagram

Team ranking:

  • Fastest Team: Euskaldunon Txokoa’s team ran 10 km in 37:09 minutes on average.
  • Highest donations raised: eyd2015’s team collected 1,150€ / $AU1600.
  • Best Team by distance: Neurotica’s team ran 1 187 KM including preps

Smile you’re running!

Runners followed their run as well as performances from other teams live from the dedicated website: using #TeamUnicef and #World Run hashtags.
The photowall catched more than 500 pictures of smiles, sweat and pride.

*UNICeF is supported by TeAM UNICeF, composed of professional athletes and sports celebrities who showed their engagement for children care:

Alize Cornet (tennis), Celine Dumerc (basketball), Martin Fourcade (biathlon: six-time Biathlon World Champion and two-times Olympic champion), Renaud Lavillenie (Pole vault), Rio Mavuba (football), Tessa Worley (alpine skiing), Camille Lacourt (swimming), Jean Van de Velde (golf).
Laury Thilleman (sport reporter) and Pascal Soetens (sport reporter and TV host).

About UNICeF and SPORT: 

Sport and play are fundamental rights of children as well as health and education. They play a vital role for the development, happiness and well-being of children and youth. UNICeF promotes the concept of sport for development: sport is not only a goal for each, it is also a tool that helps improve life for children, families and communities.

In France, for several years, UNICeF has approached the world of sport with the support of clubs, institutions and sport federations and organizes “Nuit de l’eau” and “Trophee de Golf”.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Francois Huynh
Country: France