Facebook Marriage Proposal Goes Viral Made for TV Movie Love Story

Dec 03, 2015 – World Champion Cyclist, Explorer, and Adventurer Ceal Potts Ends almost 5 year sabatical with a hail marry FaceBook marriage proposal from Entrepreneuar, Explorer, and Adventurer Kevin Wuertz.

Ceal Potts the youngest woman from the USA to ever win a mountain bike cross country world championship took a sabatical in 2011. She has since traveled the globe sailing thousands of miles, skiing, biking and in general escaping the 9 to 5 of life.

She writes a blog that celebrates her adventure www.AlwaysGoBlog.com It outlines how to cut lose and go have epic adventures on the cheap.

Ceal Has been with Kevin for 8 years and he couldn’t get married to her because of a tramatic marriage/divorce that ended badly. Now after 8 years Ceal has left, It has been a week, Kevin has seen the light and has posted an epic hail marry marriage proposal on Facebook.

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