Coming Out into the Open: Effective Drug Rehabilitation Services in Alabama

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In 2012, close to 8,500 Alabama residents were arrested for drug possession, the majority of whom used marijuana and cocaine.

Of the close to 16,000 substance abusers seeking substance rehabilitation at the many addiction treatment centers in Alabama, 50 percent sought professional medical and psychological help for drug abuse and addiction problems while 3 out of 10 patients were seeking treatment for alcohol addiction.

While Federal and local law enforcement agencies have been stepping up their efforts to curb the growing incidence of drug trafficking in the state of Alabama, healthcare practitioners and addiction support groups are moving on the double to provide the best possible drug rehabilitation services the state can provide.

It is estimated that more than 280,000 Alabama residents will require comprehensive medical and psychosocial treatment and rehabilitation for their various substance abuse and addiction issues. Unfortunately, because only a few would rather step out into the open and actively seek professional help, the challenge to healthcare practitioners as well as to addiction rehabilitation advocates will be in the motivation of the many silent sufferers who are most in need of help.

How do healthcare practitioners and drug rehab advocates motivate the silent majority to come out in the open? A more extensive and aggressive campaign about the benefits of early problem identification and appropriate management is necessary to make sure that the right information is delivered to the right set of people.

An Alabama addiction center can thus do its part in the effective dissemination of information through the creation of highly engaging, informative, and very educational websites that will improve the reach of their services across the netizens of Alabama. Social media networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter may be optimized to help spread the availability of evidence-based and highly effective drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Alabama residents who have issues with drug addiction will be glad to know that the healthcare professionals serving the community are well trained and have the correct set of knowledge and skills to provide them with only the best and proven methods of managing their drug abuse issues. From the use of appropriate pharmacotherapeutic agents designed to ease the withdrawal symptoms that are keeping many drug dependents away from drug treatment centers to the more holistic psychosocial and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic modalities, anyone who has a drug or substance issue is sure to benefit from the unparalleled commitment and professionalism of these drug rehabilitation advocates.

If relapses are a major concern, Alabama has an extensive network of drug addiction community- and family-based support groups that have been especially organized to help newly recovered and rehabilitated drug abusers establish a more normal way of life after a tumultuous start in drug addiction. These social support networks share information and experiences as to how individuals can stay drug-free and become more productive members of the Alabama society.

While many shun professional drug treatment programs out of fear of its legal connotations, it is safe to say that Alabama is working as a society to help curb drug abuse issues and provide help and support to those needing to turn over a new leaf. 

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