Helping a Friend Get Drug Treatment in California

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It is not easy to have your best friend succumb to the evils of drug addiction and dependence.

And while The Golden State of California may be the best place to foster friendships with almost anyone, owing to its vastly diverse multicultural communities, its drug trafficking and drug addiction incidence may prove otherwise.

Nonetheless, if you have a friend who is already missing a lot of the social action that is characteristic of California’s urban communities, maybe you need to seriously consider asking him to enlist in one of the Golden State’s many drug rehabilitation facilities.

Have a Heart-to-heart Talk

It is always important to talk with your friend. Tell him what you have observed and what you feel about it. He may reject you for interfering in his life. That is expected because you know that you yourself would not want others stick their noses into your business. But he is your friend. And if he considers you a friend as well, he will listen.

Give it time and try to talk with him about it again. The important thing to remember is for you to talk with him in a non-threatening and very objective manner. Never blame him for what he may have done because he clearly does not have any idea that drug rehab will help him. You have to help him recognize that he has a drug problem and that he needs professional help.

Seek out the Best California has to Offer

Once you get your friend’s approval and commitment to undergo rehabilitation at any of The Golden State’s many rehabilitation facilities for substance dependents, abusers, and addicts, you need to literally ‘shop’ for the best one for your friend. While the drug treatment protocols may vary slightly from one facility to the next, you can be assured that they are staffed by professional and highly competent healthcare practitioners. Best of all, they provide care that is non-judgmental and not blaming the individual.

Make Your Presence Felt

When your friend is already inside the treatment facility, make sure to allot some of your time to be with him to provide support. Remember that you got him into committing himself into the California addiction center so you might as well see him through. The treatment phase of the rehabilitation program will be particularly painful for your friend as he needs to endure the pain and discomfort of many of the associated withdrawal symptoms of the drugs that his body was accustomed to using.

You will need to provide him with a listening ear as well as cater to some of his physical needs. You will need to make sure that he takes his medications on time in order to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms. You will need to encourage him to eat a well-balanced diet so that he will recover much faster.

Seek Social Support

Enlist the assistance and support of your other friends. Be careful not to include individuals who may have been instrumental in the drug addiction problems of your friend. Try to spend some time together as a group while your friend is undergoing addiction treatment

Friends support each other. They are supposed to have each other’s backs. Unfortunately, there are some friends who lead you to do the wrong things. Thankfully, there are still those who care enough for you.

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