Understanding How Drug Treatment Works in Georgia

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If you are from Georgia, then perhaps you already know that your state is both a final destination and a smuggling corridor for drugs.

Perhaps you also know that Georgia’s strategic location on the I-95 between Miami and New York makes it a prime spot for drug traffickers to ply their trade. And perhaps like other Georgians, you already have a friend or even a family member who is seriously in trouble using drugs.

Like many who value their loved ones with their own lives, it is pretty understandable what you are feeling. You would like to help them but you yourself are uncertain what might happen if you take your friend to any of the drug treatment centers in Georgia. Maybe you have heard of stories of how mean and cruel the staff of a particular rehabilitation facility is. The fact of the matter is these treatment facilities are here to help your friend as well as countless others who might immensely benefit when they receive professional rehabilitation care.

To help you make that critical decision whether to talk to your friend or not about seeking professional help, try to understand first what usually happens when someone goes to an addiction center.

1. Health care professionals will conduct a very complete and systematic assessment of your friend’s drug problems including such information as when he started using drugs, how often he uses them, and the effects that he often observes when he uses them and a few hours after use. They will need to perform a head-to-toe physical examination to identify any possible physical abnormalities that might affect the outcome of the addiction treatment later on. Laboratory tests as well as diagnostic exams will be ordered in order to ascertain and validate the findings that are noted during the physical examination. Other healthcare professionals might also be called in to assess the other aspects of your friend’s overall health.

2. Once the comprehensive assessment is accomplished and a baseline date is obtained, the healthcare professionals in any of Georgia’s drug rehab facilities will sit down with your friend to discuss the treatment plan including the goals of his treatment. Your friend can agree to all or some of the proposed plan. He will just have to voice out his concerns. Once your friend has agreed to the treatment plan, preparations for the actual drug treatment will commence.

3. Your friend will be closely monitored and may be given certain medications to help alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms he will experience from not taking the drug. This may last for a few days up to several weeks that is why a fully equipped drug rehabilitation facility is recommended. A doctor will closely monitor his progress and be on stand-by if he develops severe withdrawal symptoms.

4. While your friend is undergoing treatment, he will also have the chance to discuss his issues with a psychologist or even a cognitive-behaviorist. They will help your friend develop a healthier mindset so that when he finishes his drug treatment, he can return to society with dignity.

You have to remember though that the whole process of drug rehabilitation takes more than just a few weeks. And it also requires everyone’s support in order for it to work.

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