There’s a Gem in Idaho’s Drug Treatment Centers

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Being one of only two places around the world where star garnets are found in remarkably significant quantities, Idaho is rightfully called the Gem State.

And aside from the countless gemstones that can be found all over the Potato State, there is another gem that rightfully deserves mentioning – Idaho’s highly valued commitment and dedication to providing the highest quality, truly holistic, and multi-sectoral approach to drug rehabilitation.

Many of Idaho’s rehabilitation centers not only cater to American drug dependents and abusers but also Canadians owing to its border neighbor, Canada’s British Columbia. Healthcare practitioners and experts from both sides of the border are working hand in hand in order to come up with the most effective, truly comprehensive, and highly reliable therapeutic and rehabilitation program for the two countries’ substance users and abusers – from chronic alcoholics to prescription drug abusers and illicit drug addicts.

While many laud the efforts of drug treatment facilities to improve their rehabilitation services, the community in Idaho is also doing its part in ensuring that drug and alcohol rehabilitees will be able to successfully re-integrate into the community without prejudice and punitive societal behavior. This is necessary to allow substance rehabilitees to feel warmth and appreciation in their effort to be treated with the otherwise socially, legally, and financially debilitating condition of drug abuse and addiction. A community that is responsive to the needs of rehabilitees is just the kind of assistance a substance addiction center truly needs. With added support from local government executives as well as federal offices, Idaho’s substance rehabilitation centers may as well have found the true gem in the state.

Rehabilitation services are very unlike the promotion of health or the prevention of the deterioration of diseases or its complications. It is also unlike the treatment-focused curative aspect of health services in that rehabilitation will require a more well-rounded understanding of the individual’s health state, in this case, the person’s substance issues. Whether it is chronic alcoholism or the addiction to prescription medications like narcotic analgesics, addiction treatment requires the careful and objective assessment of the whole individual. And this is where the challenge lies. As substance addiction is a totally subjective experience with very distinct physical complaints that can be measured or assessed objectively, it is the subjective aspect that is a little bit trickier to ascertain.

Good thing Idaho’s many substance treatment and rehabilitation facilities are professionally trained and well-equipped with the right competencies to manage a host of substance abuse problems in a very objective, non-subjective, non-judgmental, very systematic, and highly organized manner. This is a necessary requirement in an effective drug rehab program, a unique gemstone if you will. As patient safety is of utmost concern, it becomes all the more important that Idaho’s health professionals carry out their roles and functions with absolute dedication.

Idaho is aptly named the Gem State, and for particularly good reasons. With its professional substance rehabilitation infrastructure, Idaho might have a new gem in the making.

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