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Kansas is home to some of the world’s firsts and historical figures like former US President and the chief architect of the Allied invasion on D-Day Dwight D. Eisenhower, first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Amelia Earhart, first US woman mayor Susan Madora Salter, the first black woman Academy Awardee Hattie McDaniel, the dial telephone inventor Almon Stowger, the helicopter inventors Charles Wilson and William Purvis, the slurpee machine inventor Omar Knedlik, and the famous law enforcement officers of the frontier Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Wild Bill Hickok. Truly, Kansas can be best described as a State of firsts. And when it does come to drug rehab and treatment facilities, they are well ahead of the pack.

With a reputation to uphold and a state name to protect, the many substance treatment and rehabilitation centers in the state of Kansas are beefing up on their systems and processes in order to provide their clients – both within the state of Kansas and those coming from outside its borders – with only the best and highest possible quality of rehabilitation care needed to help and assist individuals with substance or drug abuse issues. Their staff are continuously updating themselves with the right knowledge and the correct set of rehabilitation skills including the softer interpersonal communications skills to allow them to better connect with patients.

The drug treatment programs are nothing less than truly comprehensive, very systematic, and highly organized. With emphasis on the complete removal of toxic drug metabolites from the patient’s body using only pharmacotherapeutic agents that have been clinically proven to provide the most efficacious pharmacologic action, substance treatment programs are guaranteed to work on every single individual who comes to their facilities. In those cases where pharmacotherapeutic protocols is simply not enough, other therapeutic regimen are employed so that the whole process of addiction treatment will be consummated on a more successful note.

While many simply do not believe that healthcare practitioners involved in the rehabilitation of substance abusers can make impressive changes in the lives of rehabilitees, those in Kansas are mightily proving them wrong. With the use of appropriate therapeutic communication skills that are designed to be non-threatening as well as able to convey a sense of trust and confidence on the healthcare professional, Kansas’ substance rehabilitation programs are turning more and more rehabilitees into successfully reintegrating with society with minimal incidence of drug relapses.

An addiction center in Kansas puts emphasis on patient care in such a way that everything they perform is done out of genuine concern for the patient’s welfare. Everyone in the treatment center is fully cognizant of the need to have a well-rounded approach to the treatment and management of such sensitive issues like drug use and addiction. With treatment programs that take into consideration the patient’s mental wellness in addition to his physical health and conditioning, it is clearly no wonder why Kansas is at the leading edge of drug rehabilitation efforts across the country. For a Kansas native, this is something to be really proud of.


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