Tips to Ensure Drug Rehabilitation Success in a Maine Facility

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Living in the country’s largest supplier of the best lobsters that have been satiating gourmet appetites all over the country as well as across oceans must be a real privilege.

Maine’s natural forested areas provide a very unique soothing and calming backdrop to what can otherwise be considered as a very emotionally draining issue of drug treatment. As stressful as it is, understanding the ramifications of an ill-managed, untreated substance abuse problem on the person, his family, and the general community, is very crucial to ensuring successful rehabilitation.

While you may not really be the one who needs professional help, you may nonetheless know someone who might. It can be your dear friend or even a member of your family. Because these individuals are important to you, you simply cannot just stand there and wait for drugs and illicit substances to destroy their lives. You need to act and you need to do it now.

• Talk to your friend or loved one and share with him your observations. Contrary to what many believe, maybe now is the best time to use your friendship as leverage to motivating him to seek professional addiction treatment. It may take a while before he can start to accept the merits of your action. So be patient but be consistent.

• Once your friend has accepted the offer of professional help, you can then start looking for the best possible treatment facility for him. If you have a family doctor, you can ask for recommendations or suggestions. Many communities in Maine also provide invaluable resources as to the different substance treatment facilities available. Try to list down your requirements and take into consideration the wishes and needs of your friend as well. If you can spare some of your time, pay these facilities a visit and check for yourself if they have the necessary facilities that your friend or loved one will mostly benefit from. If you can, interview the residents in the facility to get a better feel of the effectiveness of Maine’s substance addiction center.

• Prepare your friend or loved one. Accompany him to the treatment facility and provide support as he goes through the initial stages of getting used to the facility’s house rules, regulations, amenities, and surroundings.

• Encourage your other friends or other members of your family to visit your patient. You may need to create a schedule so that there will always be one person who stays with the patient during the course of his drug rehab. Be ready to make significant concessions especially in terms of dividing your time between being a caregiver and being a homemaker or a student or an employee.

• Listen to what the healthcare professionals have to say. Assist him in taking his medications that will help prevent withdrawal symptoms. Encourage him to eat his food that has been especially enriched with B vitamins. Provide him comfort especially when he is into the withdrawal stages of his drug rehabilitation.

The success of the substance treatment and management greatly depends on the willingness of the person to be helped. It is your job to make him feel the importance of getting the drugs out of his life.

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