A Tall Order for Montana’s Drug Rehab Facilities

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In the 12 months between 2010 and 2011, more than 300 Montanans died because of prescription drug overdose.

This is just a smaller picture of what is occurring nationwide where the number of prescription drug-associated overdose deaths had dramatically increased four-fold from 1999 up to 2010. More than 82 narcotic analgesic prescriptions are ordered in Montana for every 100 individuals. Montana ranked 21st in mortality rates associated with drug overdose at 12.9 deaths per 100,000 drug overdose deaths. Montana is tied with Oregon and Washington, DC. These figures more than underscore the growing trend of today’s American society to move away from illicit drugs to the use of more readily available controlled substances. And this is why Montana’s drug rehabilitation services are in full swing.

The different rehab facilities all across the state have a tremendous job awaiting them. Although early 2015 reports are suggesting more positive news owing to the fact that the two-year period between 2012 and 2014 has seen a dramatic decrease in the total number of deaths associated with prescription drug overdose, many addiction center facilities are still not content on the progress that they have made.

Local health practitioners and local government executives are now working hand in hand to help curb the rising incidence of drug overdose deaths through massive information dissemination campaigns including extensive information, education, and communications activities to help spread adequate and accurate information regarding the use of prescription painkillers and its potentially deadly effects if used well beyond what is intended.

For their part, drug rehab facilities are reviewing their treatment protocols together with state officials in order to come up with more effective and safer treatment regimens. The current practice of incorporating a variety of cognitive and behavioral therapies in the pharmacological management of drug and alcohol dependence is currently being reviewed regarding the feasibility of introducing safer and equally effective pharmacologic agents and treatment modalities. This has been deemed necessary because of the shift in drug usage from illicit drugs to prescription narcotics and other controlled substances. While it is generally considered an almost insurmountable task, members of Montana’s addiction treatment facilities and centers have pledged that, with the local government’s help and the general society’s cooperation, they might just be able to pull off a miracle.

Trending signs of progress show that the state is heading in the right direction. By further strengthening its ability to manage and provide assistance to drug dependents, particularly those who have migrated from illicit drugs to prescription narcotics, Montana’s drug treatment centers are able to make a dent in the state’s appalling drug abuse situation. Hope is not lost as legislators and executives are putting up significant changes in the law that will hopefully strengthen the way people use prescription medications in a more responsible manner as well as the way medical doctors prescribe different kinds of pain relievers to their patients.

Montana may have one of the most depressing statistics in 2011. However, with the concerted efforts of everyone and the ever-evolving professionalism of the members of Montana’s substance rehabilitation and treatment industry, they might just be able to pull off one classic turnaround.

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