Nevada’s Drug Treatment Centers are Staging a Comeback

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Every instance someone blurts out something about Nevada, Area 51 and everything extraterrestrial as well as large scale government conspiracies and Las Vegas and its glitzy and pompous lifestyle will often come to mind.

Yet there are other things that Nevada is particularly famous about. Nevada’s Death Valley is home to the Kangaroo Rat, a member of the rodent family that can live without a single drop of liquid. It is also the country’s largest gold-producing state, second only to South Africa, and is home to the nation’s loneliest highway, a 287-mile stretch across the scorching desert.

Unfortunately, there is another more depressing fact about Nevada.

Nevada has the fourth highest mortality rate associated with drug overdose all over the country, after West Virginia, New Mexico, and Kentucky. A 2013 report showed that there are 20.7 drug overdose deaths for every 100,000 individuals who die because of drug overdose. A great majority of these deaths were attributed to prescription narcotic analgesics.

However, the good news is that, despite Nevada’s otherwise ‘not-so-good’ reputation, its many drug rehab facilities are bent on giving the state something to really be proud of. Owners and operators of the state’s substance abuse disorder treatment and rehabilitation facilities are rediscovering their organizational mandate to provide both native Nevadans and state visitors alike the chance to turn their lives around inasmuch as these drug treatment centers are staging a full comeback of their own.

Healthcare professionals manning the offices of rehab centers all across the state of Nevada are working ever so vigilantly to help mitigate the rising problem of prescription drug misuse and overdose. Many of these centers are making cautiously grounded changes in the administration of therapeutic protocols so that not even a single pharmacologic agent will be misused or abused. Furthermore, doctors are being given the ability to make accurate descriptions of patient conditions that will serve as markers for the addiction center psychologist to make the necessary adjustments in the cognitive and behavioral sessions to be carried out for each type of rehabilitee.

While Nevada may seem like a very desolate place to live in, the excitement and glitzy nature of the Las Vegas strip can be made to electrify the manner in which therapeutic and rehabilitation services are planned, implemented, evaluated, and monitored. Experts at drug rehabilitation understands the need to create a truly holistic program of rehabilitation that will best reflect the good side of the state while mitigating the harmful effects of substance abuse disorders.

Many of Nevada’s substance abusers are thus encouraged to seek professional treatment from any of the state’s licensed and duly recognized treatment and rehabilitation centers. Massive education and information dissemination activities are being spearheaded by the different rehab centers in cooperation with schools, parishes, and small community substance rehabilitation advocates. The latter is deemed a very integral part in the fight against the drug scourge. And with the help of former drug rehabilitees, all addiction treatment centers across the state are fully optimistic about the prospects of making a surge in rehabilitation success.

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