Organic Raw Unrefined Shea Butter sales are Booming In The United States

“Loaded with natural Vitamins A, E, F and Antioxidants”
Mary Tylor Naturals, a company specializing in beauty products, offers 100% pure, natural and organic Shea butter. The Shea butter products sold by the company are imported from Africa. It is preservative and scent-free and is not added with even a slight amount of essential oils. The Shea butter sold at Mary Tylor Naturals is ideal for sensitive skin.

Shea butter is known for being used for a wide array of uses in the past thousands of years. The people in West Africa commonly use it for medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic purposes. West Africans also use this skin superfood for skin and hair protection to prevent it from drying and splitting. Aside from protecting the skin, this product also provides the skin with its needed essential nutrients and fatty acids to enable collagen production. Click here to view some of the amazing Shea butter benefits.

In all the kinds of Shea butter available, the raw, organic and guaranteed Grade-A one is by far the best one to use on your hair and skin. Raw and organic Shea butter is one of the many beauty products offered by Mary Tylor Naturals. The Shea butter offered at Mary Tylor Naturals is 100% pure, raw, natural and organic, and imported from Ghana Africa. It is also unrefined with no added scents or chemicals but is loaded with natural antioxidants, and vitamins A, E and F.

This skin superfood sold by Mary Tylor Naturals is available in different amounts. The smallest weight size is 8 ounce or ½ pound and the biggest product size is 55 pounds. For those looking for organic Shea butter they can use to moisturize and protect their skin or for other uses can find it at in the exact amount they require.

Mary Tylor Naturals is based in Corinth, New York, and it is focused in offering high-end beauty products, including cocoa butter, African black soap Argan oil and Emu oil. Aside from these, the company is also selling facial cleansers, day and night creams, men aftershave balms, eye creams and more. All these beauty products are produced in the highest quality.


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