New York City Personal Injury Firm Pulvers | Thompson Launches Child Victim Practice

NEW YORK – Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman, a law firm that has been serving the greater New York area for 75 years, announced today it is launching a new division specializing in child injury victims. Prompted by recent cases such as the tragic death of 3 month old Karl Towndrow in day care, which was reported widely, the firm is establishing this practice area with special parameters.

“Child injuries, or heaven forbid, deaths, are extremely challenging to handle from a legal perspective,” said Marc Thompson, Esq., the firm’s Senior Partner. “They can be intensely emotional, of course, so as attorneys we have to help the client understand their legal rights – as well as a realistic course of action – in a very difficult environment.”

The firm’s child injury practice has extensive experience working with expert witnesses who can attest to the impact of a child injury, which presents different symptoms and after-effects from those experienced by adult injury victims. In addition, the firm has the ability to gauge whether emergency response was appropriate for a child victim.

In the Towndrow case, for example, it is not clear if the adults in the day care administered child CPR correctly, which may have contributed to his death. “Child personal injury law is complex, in technical and legal terms, and you’re practicing in a very tricky emotional setting,” Thomson added. “Juries, for instance, can feel a lot of empathy toward child victims, but that can boomerang against the plaintiff if they feel the attorney is working off of emotion rather than evidence and facts.” The firm’s website, details the practice offering.

Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman also offers a real estate practice.  In this area, the firm works with clients on foreclosures, real estate litigation, landlord/tenant disputes, distressed debt due diligence and real estate transactions. The firm’s site enables visitors to post a request for a free consultation. 

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