Nerf Hub Updates Listings of Best Nerf Guns and Nerf Blast Reviews

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Nerf Hub, the online destination for lovers of toy Nerf guns, announced today that it has updated all of its listings of favorite Nerf guns in time for the holiday shopping season. The site,, shares its recommendations for the best cheap Nerf guns as well as Nerf Blaster Reviews. Nerf Hub is a useful resource for parents who want to get good value on Nerf gun toys that are fun for the whole family. The site has the capability to link visitors with special Nerf gun deals on and elsewhere on the Web.

“Our users really enjoy Nerf guns, so we want to make sure they can find great deals on the best new products coming out today,” said Kyle Hols of Nerf Hub. “There are a lot of choices, including battery powered Nerf guns.”

Nerf Hub just published a review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster, noting that the gun is a highly customizable Nerf pistol with a range of 75 feet. The site includes information about battery requirements, the number of arrows it holds, and so forth. Articles also discuss the merits of such products as the Mega Magnus Blaster, Mega ThunderBow Blaster, Rebelle, Rapid Red Blaster, Rebelle Secrets and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow Blaster, N-Strike Elite: Rhino-Fire Blaster, N-Strike Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster, N-Strike Elite: Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster, Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster and N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster.

The site’s blog offers articles such as “Best Nerf Machine Guns for 2016,” “Best Cheap Nerf Guns for 2016” and a “Guide to Nerf Products.”  Nerf Hub also presents video reviews from young users, covering the look and feel of the gun, ease of use, firing range, and so forth.

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