Heb Metal Mesh: Frontline Supplier of SS Rope Lattices

Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd, based in China, is a prominent and well-established manufacturer as well as large-scale supplier of stainless steel rope mesh that finds widespread applications in zoos and menageries.

Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd established in 1991, manufactures, markets and supplies an extensive range of stainless steel lattices that are primarily used in making cages for animals and birds. Zoo mesh that houses tigers, lions, deer, caribous, antelopes, primates, and a variety of birds is handcrafted using the finest quality of stainless steel that is available. These rope meshes produced by Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd as per customer specifications are incredibly durable, flexible, and completely rustproof. Apart from having a brick-and-mortar presence, the company also has an online shop that accepts orders from customers all over the world.

The tailor-made rope meshes which also includes bird netting are extremely lightweight, highly tensile, resistant to impacts, brunt, and mishandling, and never gets contaminated or tainted in any way. Additionally, all zoo mesh products of Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd have an enduring lifespan and the same also retain their original quality for an extensive period of time. Again, these cord lattices made out of superlative grade of stainless steel are hugely environmental-friendly which means the base material can be recycled and reused.

The fact that any typical stainless steel rope mesh crafted by Heb Mesh can be comfortably acclimatized with the immediate surroundings is what makes it so popular and therefore sought-after. These meshes have been designed and created in a manner that not only offer complete protection to caged animals but also prevents them from coming into contact with zoo visitors. Again, the make and design of the meshes are such that feathers of birds or skins of animals do not get entangled or enmeshed in them.

stainless steel rope mesh

Heb Mesh supplies prefabricated sheets with dimensions of 25mtrs (width) x 8mtrs (height) and at the same time it accepts orders where customers specify the measurements of the sheets. The pliant stainless steel rope mesh has a latticed pattern where each and every loop is shaped more or less like a rhombus that is almost unbreakable or indestructible. Owing to the indestructibility of the rope meshes, they can be used to make any type of cage, coop or enclosure fence which can house all species of faunas. The company boasts of an extensive product line including but not limited to tiger enclosure netting mesh, leopard enclosure mesh, gibbon net mesh, eagle net mesh, and macaw net mesh.

There are some distinct advantages of sourcing your caging requirements from Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd. Firstly, the products made from the best quality of stainless steel will remain in service for years without of course losing their texture or sheen. Secondly, the zoo mesh is built by expert craftsmen and artisans rendering them highly versatile as well as making them almost maintenance-free. Most importantly, the prices charged for processing orders are down-to-earth that suits every pocket, and you receive a 15
% rebate for placing an online order.

About Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd

Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd is an established stainless steel cord mesh producing firm based in Anping in the Hengshui province of China. The enterprise undertakes and processes orders for meshes that serve as the primary raw material for fabricating cages for birds and animals.

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