W12 – The Number One City for Business is the Perfect Conference Location

London has been voted the number one city for business making it the perfect location to hold a conference.

London is a vibrant, popular city with a population of 9 million. It is one of the biggest cities in the world and in a recent survey by Forbes magazine, it was found to be the number one city for business. The survey looked at a number of factors, including the amount of foreign investment; this is considered an important element as it shows that people are choosing to invest their money in London opposed to other cities around the world and demonstrates that they believe it is the best place for investment.

Joel Kotkin, from Forbes Magazine, said that London was “a preferred domicile for the global rich, London is not only the historic capital of the English language, which contributes to its status as a powerful media hub and major advertising center, but it’s also the birthplace of the cultural, legal and business practices that define global capitalism.”

The magazine looked at the number of business niches each city has as this shows business diversity and is a good indication of how stable the economy is. The more niches, the less dependent the city is on a particular industry and therefore the more stable it is. London performed well in this category too.

London is the number one city in Europe for technology start-ups and according to the Genome project; there are 3000 tech companies in London. Google has a large presence in London, with its second biggest office there. Only Silicon Valley is bigger. They also looked at the number of headquarters per capita and London came out on top being home to 68 companies on Forbes Global 2000 list.

Tony Steedman from W12 Conferences, an events venue that offers conference venue hire in London said: “London is a very popular place to hold a conference as it is a vibrant city with lots of great businesses based there. Being ranked number one city for business by Forbes Magazine shows why so many businesses are based there and why businesses want to run a conference there.” 

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