No. 4 Hamilton Place – Get more from your Conference by Integrating Social Media

Social media allows companies to broaden the reach of their conferences.

Conferences are great as they allow people to get a group of likeminded people together to discuss a topic of common interest. They are particularly popular with companies with many businesses running several every year in order to release a new product, boost brand awareness and to generate sales.

Emily Falconer from No. 4 Hamilton Place said “many people thought that face to face conferences would decline with technology improving and webinars offering a cheaper solution. This hasn’t happened though and they are more popular than ever as people realise the value of meeting in person. The personal touch is invaluable as it allows you to gain trust and build business relationships with delegates, something that you can’t do with webinars.”

“Face to face conferences are generally more enjoyable and in the current economic climate, networking and building business relationships is hugely important. The difficulty with face to face conferences is that you are limited by the size of the venue and typically, the bigger the venue, the more expensive it is. A good way of reaching out to a wider audience is to integrate your event with social media.”

Most people know about social media but many businesses are not using it to its full potential. In simple terms, social media is an interactive system that allows people to create and share information online. This can be text, images or videos depending on the platform that you are using and popular sites include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These sites have audiences in the hundreds of millions so a presence on them is a must for most businesses. Typically people use social media to get the news, hear the latest gossip and to express themselves. It has given people a voice and allowed them to voice their opinions publically to millions of online users.

Savvy businesses develop clever content strategies and excellent content that people want to read in order to promote their brand. Mrs. Falconer went on to say that “businesses are using second screen technology at their events so delegates can view the presentation content on their mobile device. This allows them to take screenshots which they can share online and in doing so, helping to promote the company and the event.”

4 Hamilton Place is a West London conference venue with modern conference rooms available for hire in a beautiful, Edwardian building. It is home to the aeronautical society and has an aeronautical theme. 

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