Kingneed launches smart luggage which can be tracked through Smartphone

To combat with the risk of losing or stealing luggage while travelling, Kingneed have come up with a perfect solution, the Kingneed smart luggage. The smart carry-on luggage can be tracked all the times with the help of a smart phone. Kingneed also provides a set of devices and modules which can be easily attached to any luggage to make it traceable through its advanced GPS+WIFI+GSM system.

The user will be able to see the location of their luggage, receive alerts if it is moved or unauthorized opening occurs. It will also activate a warning alarm to scare away the thieves and attract the attention of the people nearby the luggage. The technology has already received five patents and offers the most advanced luggage security in the market while it is also the only GPS luggage in the market available in a compact and carry-on size.

The GPS+WIFI+GSM combined positioning technology helps in locating the luggage instantly anywhere on the globe with a mobile application. The ‘Safe Box’ function in the Kingneed smart luggage alerts the owner in case anyone attempts to open it. This function is useful at airports and can be set with a remote control once luggage is inspected by handlers and sent to storage.

Another interesting feature is the ‘Find Me’ function which helps in locating the luggage in general vicinity, even if GPS and Wi-Fi signals are not available. The in build system will broadcast the signal as Wi-Fi hotspot which the user can view on their smart phone and detect the luggage.

In case of any loss or theft, the user can also trigger an audio to attract the people nearby, through ‘Announce Find Me’ function, and direct them to take the luggage to nearest lost and found counter. Moreover, the smart luggage can also be used to receive calls with its in built speaker and receiver.

Kingneed is available on Indiegogo at an early bird price and the goal of the campaign is to raise $50,000 which will be utilized in mass production and delivering the product to the backers on time. A variety of other perks and rewards are also available for the backers on Indiegogo.

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