Canadian Consumer Panels Looking For Product Testers To Turn Opinions Into Cash

Consumers have been given the opportunity to earn extra money by testing new products that are ready to come on the market. In most cases, the product reviewers will be able to keep the product. Canadian Consumer Panels who has become one of the most recommended consulting firms in helping product development companies find out what consumers think is now looking for more product reviewers.

Canadian Consumer Panels is giving consumers the chance to test new products and get paid for their opinion. The company who has become a leading force in helping product developers and market research companies find out what people think has said that in most cases product testers will be able to keep the products they have reviewed.

Each month thousands of new products are being invented, ready to go on the market for consumers to purchase. But before those products are ready to go on sale, product developers need to know if any changes are required. They need to understand if the product is safe or if the product needs to be improved for better performance. It can be an expensive mistake launching a product and removing that product from the market due to a fault. For that reason, product testers have become an important role in product development.

Hourly rates for product testing vary, but historically people who have become product testers have earned between $25 and $65ph. Product testing is not just an interesting job, but it also gives the opportunity for a person to see before other consumers what new products are coming onto the market, and in most cases the product reviewers get to keep that product.

A spokesman for Canadian Consumer Panels said: “Product testers play an important role in helping products become a commercial success. ”

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Canadian Consumer Panels’ mission is to add value to market research firms by helping them achieve their desired level of quality and safety for their client’s products, assets and processes; to protect their client’s brands and enable their success in the global marketplace.

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