Tanzanian UAV Anti Poaching Surveillance – Going Operational

ARUSHA, TANZANIA – Dec 04, 2015 – TANAPA and the TPSF have been working together on UAV anti poaching since their participation in August 2014 in the first Private Sector Anti Poaching Initiative meeting where Bathawk was chosen as the pilot project. Bathawk organized three trials in Tarangire, the Selous and Mkomazi to find the right UAV aircraft that would fit into an effective operational concept.

A successful trial at Mkomazi National Park in September laid the ground work for the recent agreement in which the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation and Tanzania National Parks agreed to the Proof of Concept Operation through an exchange of letters of intent authorizing Bathawk move forward with procurement, recruitment, operational refinement based on Tarangire National Park in 2016.

Tarangire was chosen because of its fairly healthy wildlife population and its proximity to TANAPA head quarters. The technology, operational capacity, and protocols need to be measured and witnessed from a number of perspectives to establish consensus on their viability. Tarangire will allow the access necessary to do that.

The Proof of Concept operation will demonstrate the Big Ground Concept which uses a significantly bigger, more sophisticated, aircraft and sensor than most other UAV anti poaching projects. The Big Ground supposition is that the greater endurance, range and sensing capability will be a significant force multiplier for protection authorities rather than just a tech boost for a particular ranger patrol.

TANAPA and TPSFs Private Sector Anti Poaching Initiative are backing Bathawk and this Tanzanian based solution to find poachers and protect wildlife on a scale not yet achieved on the ground or in the air.

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