But Only One Step to Have an Interesting and Cool Christmas with Airwheel S6 Sitting Posture intelligent electric walkcar

There are still days before the Christmas Day, and there is only one step to have an interesting and cool Christmas Day in 2015 except that Airwheel brings people the S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooters.

It’s still surprising when people are talking about the S6 sitting posture scooters published by Airwheel in previous product press release. The sitting-posture riding introduced by Airwheel in A3 is revolutionary even in the intelligent scooter industry. Yet this time Airwheel has proved itself to the public that it is more than a normal scooter since it combines the sitting posture riding with the standing posture riding.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/yeu-uvpNJJ0

For integrating the standing posture riding perfectly with the sitting posture riding, Airwheel abolished the control shafts, the successful design in S6 sitting-posture scooters. However, such a change doesn’t necessarily mean the deterioration in the riding experiences. On the contrary, the abandonment of control shaft makes it possible to freely and smoothly switch between sitting and standing riding postures.

Though there is no control shaft in S6 electric walkcar, Airwheel has developed a new control mechanism for S6. It’s designed the wide and comfortable foot platform as the standing boards between the two wheels; together with the seat, the foot platform makes the comfortable sitting-posture ridings possible. The seat and the platform are the key points for the intelligent system inside for analysing the orders from riders.

S6 intelligent saddle-equipped electric scooters

The scientific designs of S6 may remind consumers of the adorable Wall-E. S6 intelligent saddle-equipped electric scooters are small, yet they are smart and strong. Of course there are differences between S6 and Wall-E – S6 are more fashionable and scientific in its looks. The comprehensive design of S6 and Wall-E are the same that there is a “head” over the main vehicle body. And the wheels of S6 and Wall-E occupy large part of their bodies as the basis of powerful performances of them. Most importantly, they are always being the intelligent, loyal and helpful “friends”.

This is Airwheel S6 mini self-balancing scooters, which are the intelligent, loyal and helpful friends to consumers as Wall-E. And S6 will make the Christmas Day a cool and interesting festival this year!

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