SMART Bandage Introduces New, User-Friendly Snake Bite Bandage

SYDNEY, Australia WHS First Aid KITS, Survival Emergency Solutions and SSSafe announced today that they are introducing the SMART Bandage, a user-friendly snake bite bandage that enables anyone to react and apply correct first aid immediately. Using a visual indicator, the woven cotton SMART bandage shows users exactly how much tension they should use wrapping the bandage around a bite victim’s limb – a step that can make the difference between life and death.

“Snake and spider bites, some of them potentially lethal, are a fact of life in Australia, so we all need to be prepared,” said Mike Tyrrell of WHS. “With the SMART Bandage, every first kit can offer an instant, life saving solution that virtually anyone can use without training.”

The SMART snake bandage has a rectangular pictogram printed every few inches on its surface. As the user stretches the bandage, the rectangle expands to become a square. As the inline instructions state, when the rectangle becomes a square, the bandage is correctly tightened. This is critical. Too much tension risks cutting off blood flow to the limb, which can lead to infection and amputation. Too little tension allows deadly toxins to spread. 

Australians risk getting bitten by brown snakes and funnel web spiders, both of which are potentially fatal if not treated. Craig Adams from SSSAFE, one of Australia’s leading snake experts, commented, “In snake bite emergencies, you need to act decisively, know what to do and have the best bandage at hand.” The SMART snake bandage is an inexpensive, safe solution.  It is made out of a blend of woven cotton fabric, with non fraying edges. It is extremely durable and can be washed after use. It measures 2m by 10cm and weighs about 50grams.  The bandage can also serve as a compression bandage for major wounds, sprains and strains.

The bandage is on sale for $8.95.

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