Name a Star Live Launches Personalized Gifts

HOUSTON – Name a Star Live, a product of Space Services Holdings, Inc. introduced in 2003, now offers a personalized star buying experience with several gift options. These enable people to claim their place in the universe, naming stars after themselves, friends, or loved ones. Star certificates, star charts, and astrophotos are available and – exclusively – only Name A Star Live launches your star name and information into space aboard a real space mission.

Certificates, starting at $19.95, include an instant gift set with a downloadable star registration and launch certificates. Customers can also earn their place on board a real spaceflight. Other gift sets include digital packages, a Star Bear, Virtual Planetarium astronomy software, a wooden display frame, romantic gift set, children’s gift set, and digital photo frame depending on the package selected.

Visitors can browse for gifts that include star charts, or those that specifically include astrophotos. Buyers can also opt to receive a customized launch certificate for participating in a space mission of their choice. Launch time, date, and spacecraft altitude are displayed and there’s also a picture of the actual launch included.

With these gifts, one can see stars named for them and their exact locations in the night sky. The company features simple steps on its website for purchasing gifts, registering a star, and writing an e-card. It also notifies the buyer when the actual launch occurs.

Since its inception, Space Services has transmitted over 100,000 message to space and thousands of messages to the International Space Station. It launches rockets from the United States, Canary Islands, and New Zealand. These services are different than other star naming services that only record and copyright star names on paper.

Learn more about the personalized gift packages for naming stars for friends, families, and loved ones, visit Name a Star Live at

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