Amanda Rothman Releases A Groundbreaking Book – “Treat Climate Change, Save the Earth: How to Prevent Flooding and Drought to Slow Global Warming”

This book is about a realistic system that can be implemented globally to treat the symptoms of climate change while our world leaders work on the cause.

Coral Springs, Florida – December 07, 2015 – There has been an unprecedented amount of weather related disasters on a global basis. Climate Change has been heavily covered by the Press, and President Obama is in support of Green Energy to avoid using fossil fuels which emit too many Greenhouse Gases. Amanda Rothman has just presented her solution to help save the planet in her new book, “Treat Climate Change, Save the Earth: How to Prevent Flooding and Drought to Slow Global Warming”. It has created quite a buzz in the Climate Change Forums and Blogs, and is an easy to read, well thought-out book, that will open the eyes of many Climate Change Deniers.

It has become painfully obvious that the Industrial Revolution has run amok. As countries evolve, their airborne pollutants increase. “Treat Climate Change” is about a system that would enable us to act before the tragedies strike. Readers learn about getting flooding and drought under control, helping to prevent wildfires, restoring our melting glaciers, averting sea-level rise, and extending humanitarian aid in a way that will help countries to support themselves instead of being forced to rely on charity.

Amanda explains a system that can support itself with energy that it generates and have the future potential to also produce renewable energy for human use. It is an opportunity to invest in the future in a way that can also grow the global economy.

The population is increasing. Across the entire planet, humanity requires more to survive and thrive. But now we have developed to the degree that we can begin to support the land that enables us to survive. Profits from this book will be used toward working to get this system implemented. Flooding and drought could become a thing of the past.

For complete information, please visit: Amanda Rothman’s Proactive Action website

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