Dec 07, 2015 – Our Price Beat Guarantee is part of our commitment to always offer you the lowest cost. When you’re shopping at and if you find an item with another website that’s cheaper than ours – we’ll beat it.

Simply send us an e-mail and we’ll offer you 5% less than the competitor’s price. We’d rather you buy from us!

How to claim your PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE:

1. Send an e-mail to our customer service team – that’s the only way to take advantage of our Price Beat Guarantee

2. Have the website address where you found the cheaper item

3. We’ll verify the comparison. To get your discount, you must buy right away to get your 5% discount

4. We’ll send you the item within 72 hours of your purchase currently available, in the same currency and offered online

5. Offered on a website in English

6. Cheaper with all the additional mandatory fees, taxes included and shipping

The competitor items must be:

• On another web site than

• Cheaper than the lowest available comparable item on in the same category – the SKU or model number must be identical

The competitor items  must be:

• Cheaper than the lowest available

• The same or comparable. That means:

     ○ The item you’re comparing must meet the criteria above and,

     ○ The items must include the same description and SKU number or model number.

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