Beneleaf Unveils New Elegant Collection of Tie Bars for Modern Men

Dec 07, 2015 – Beneleaf has officially launched their newest product line, the company’s tie bar clip collection for both regular, as well as skinny ties. Designed to unite a well dressed man’s tie with his shirt, these collections offer benefits to the fashion forward.

Everyone knows that dressing the part can make or break you, especially in today’s dog-eat-dog business world. That’s why having an elegant and functional addition to your business wardrobe, such as a tie clip, is so important. Not only do the new Beneleaf tie bars fill a vital need, but they also offer variety and elegance to fit every outfit.

“The tie clip is one of the first things that people’s eyes are drawn to, especially in a meeting atmosphere,” explained Michaela Jones of Beneleaf. “It’s vital in today’s business world to make a great first impression, which is what our new tie bar clips do for you.”

Not only do the four colors – Gold, Silver, Rose, and Grey – look great with a variety of different tie and shirt combinations, but they are made to last. With a durable closing mechanism that offers just the right resistance to keep a tie and shirt together without wrinkling them, as well as a brushed finish that offers a new level of style to any outfit, these tie bars truly outperform any other tie bars in their price bracket.

When customers purchase a set, they will also enjoy packaging made for gift giving. Every set of tie clips comes in a beautiful box with a silver elastic cord tied in a bow that can be gifted without even wrapping it. Inside, four separate tie clips, one of each color option, are carefully placed in protective foam to prevent damage. The box can even be reused as storage.

“It’s an overall experience we know that our customers will love,” says Jones. “We’re redefining fashion and making it elegant and affordable.”

To learn more about Beneleaf or the company’s newest products, visit the Beneleaf website.

About Beneleaf:

Beneleaf is a family owned and operated company that has dedicated itself to bringing science and nature together. They have worked hard to develop affordable products that help customers put their best foot forward all of the time. Years of research and development have allowed the company to offer the very best fashion and beauty products at prices everyone loves.

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