ReallyBadCreditOffers Connects Direct and No-Strings-Attached Financial Solutions to Consumers

The consumer finances institution ReallyBadCreditOffers, which provides proven resources and personal finance tips, is offering direct and personal lending solutions for borrowers.

ReallyBadCreditOffers, an online bad credit information resource based out of South Florida, has recently started presenting up-front personal financial solutions with no strings attached for consumers. According to them, a growing number of people with a bad score do not qualify for traditional loans as big banks have rigid pre-qualification policies in place to limit their risk. They said that low FICO often comes in between families who are in dire need of money to make ends meet. One of the top executives described it as a ‘vicious circle’ denying a large portion of the population access to financing and said that they are here to help connect the millions of American consumers with the specialized personal lenders who may be able to help.

“We are primarily a consumer credit information resource, but we are actually much more than that. We help people develop financial mastery skills, conquer their debt, and develop frugal living habits. We can show them the specialized services that work with people who have bad credit, and how to fix their scores,” claimed a customer service officer working with the firm. People can learn more about their lending options here:  Ariel also said that the company has created unique service paths, allowing the consumer to choose which offers and fee structures work best for their situation. “We provide people access to auto loans, home loans, student loans and many other types of financing opportunities,” said the representative.

The founder of, Ariel Pryor, recently met the press during an informal session in downtown Fort Lauderdale. He said, “Most people have this notion that if their local bank turned them down for financing because of their poor credit, that all options are closed to them, which is simply not true. In such situations, a number of specialized programs exist, and people do have financial help options.  If a borrower has an income history, and meets the minimum eligibility requirements, there is usually an option they can take advantage.  Ultimately, we are here to help consumers get past having a need to borrow money at all – and live free from debt altogether.”  Ariel also said that they are going to continue to publish their guides and other educational materials through 2016 and beyond so as many people as possible can learn the basics and beyond and achieve financial independence.

About the Company is a Florida based consumer financial information institution that offers that helps people learn the skills to master their money matters and take back their finances from the banks.

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