China Injection Molding Company Announces To Offer Free Quotes for Injection Molding For Various Industries

China based Fredmolding Ltd. is a leading Injection Molding company that serves different industries, such as food, packaging, automotive, medical and others. They now announce to offer free quotes for anyone who sends a 3D or CAD drawing.

Anyone with their 3D or CAD drawing can now request for a detailed quotation for their plastic molding project from China based Fredmolding Ltd. The leading Injection Molding Company in China serves a variety of industries with their high quality and low cost plastic injection molds. The company offers free design analysis and product assembly for a wide variety of custom parts.

 Injection Molding Company

The spokesperson of the company reveals, “No matter how complex your custom Injection Molding requirement is, we can do it perfectly within a short time and at a low cost. From start to finish, we can deliver most projects within 15 days or less.” The company relies on the team of expert engineers who can aptly create injection mold samples from the 3D or CAD drawing supplied by the client. The mold technicians carefully analyze the drawings to help create custom molded plastic parts. They follow a well-organized and speedy mold building process to help deliver consistent results with optimal performance.

The company believes in the assembly manufacturing with their focus on 5 Cs, namely Cloud, Connecting, Computing, Communication and Consumer. With a robust assembly process, they help customers save both money and time. With their OEM capabilities, Fredmolding Ltd. allows customers to maintain the originality of their designs and complete their product line at their manufacturing facility. With their high quality and highly reliable services, the company surpasses the expectations of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Shenzhen Fredmolding Ltd. brings an improved technology that significantly increases the speed of the mold building process. Moreover, the free quotation and free technical design analysis of the custom mold parts help customers to choose high quality molds at a reduced cost. Customers can also reduce the production cycle by sending the drawings and receiving the samples via the internet and completing the approval process.

For receiving a free quotation for a mold building project, one can visit the website

About Shenzhen Fredmolding Ltd.

Shenzhen Fredmolding Ltd. is a plastic Injection Moulding which began business in 2008.  The company quickly grew into an industry leader in custom plastic molding and today has production facilities in Shenzhen and Dongguan in China. For the convenience of customers, Fredmolding Company built a manufacturing and assembly department in 2013, which can help customers to finish the product line in their company.

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