Top 10 Reasons Why North Dakota’s Drug Rehab Centers are Simply the Best

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In 2011, North Dakota beat 49 other states, including the nation’s capital in DC, in having the lowest mortality rates related to drug overdose, a great majority of which were from prescription narcotic agents such as morphine, oxycodone, and methadone.

While other states were struggling with the drug scourge, North Dakota’s combined local government administrative efforts and the vigilance of its healthcare industry has made some very remarkable achievements. Of particular note is the effectiveness of its drug rehabilitation programs that oversee the return to society of its substance abuse disorder sufferers.

Here are the top 10 reasons why North Dakota’s substance rehabilitation centers are simply the best in the nation.

No. 1 – The Patient is Tops

In North Dakota, rehab centers treat patients not as mere recipients of care but more importantly as partners in the treatment and rehabilitation process. While many rehab centers look at patients as some objects that need to be fixed, North Dakota’s drug rehab facilities consider them as humans, capable of committing mistakes but also capable of healing themselves with the correct guidance.

No. 2 – The Program is Comprehensive

A treatment program for substance abusers and dependents in North Dakota is always composed of a mixture of evidence-based pharmacotherapy with equally proven cognitive and psychosocial therapies. This means that the patient’s physical and mental health needs are balanced with his need for emotional and social well-being.

No. 3 – The Practitioners are Professionals

All members of the health care team in every single addiction center in North Dakota are fully trained and duly licensed to perform their respective roles and responsibilities. They are also required to continuously upgrade their competencies on a yearly basis.

No. 4 – The Treatments are Safe

As there have been reports of drug misuse as well as therapeutic agents causing more harm than good, all of the treatment protocols have been extensively studied so that only those that are considered safe and effective will be used on patients. Safety should never be compromised in any addiction treatment regimen.

No. 5 – The Therapy is Grounded in Reality

While many treatment protocols are grounded on evidence, North Dakota rehab experts take it a step further by carefully integrating practice principles into the culture of the state’s residents. This greatly improves the acceptance of such therapies among the centers’ rehabilitee population.

No. 6 – The Withdrawal Symptoms are Well-managed

The management of withdrawal symptoms are done in a very systematic way. This is to ensure that the drug treatment proceeds as planned.

No. 7 – The Facilities are Relaxing and Calming

Many of North Dakota’s rehab facilities are built on land that offers restful stay so that your mind will be clear of any distractions. This greatly optimizes the benefits of your rehab and treatment.

No. 8 – The Amenities are Luxurious

Rehab centers know that the only way to ensure rehab success is by providing you amenities that speak of luxury. This greatly enhances the comfort needed for therapeutic success.

No. 9 – The Service is Superb

Healthcare professionals treat patients as guests. They are given the kind of service that you can only expect to find from five star hotels and fine dining restaurants.

No. 10 – The Results are Guaranteed

With North Dakota’s uncompromising stance on giving the substance addict a new lease on quality life, all of the treatment and rehabilitation services come with a guarantee – your life will be much better once you finish any one of the rehab centers’ treatment programs.

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