Why You Need to Seek Professional Drug Treatment in Oklahoma

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In Oklahoma, roughly 130 individuals are substance dependent or drug users but only 10 of them ever seek treatment at any of Oklahoma’s drug treatment centers.

There are 32 cases of emergency department visits because of prescription drug misuse or even abuse. What is really saddening is that there is one person who loses his life for every 825 narcotic drugs that have been prescribed. While these are quite disturbing, many substance rehab facilities are optimistic that the mortality rate could be significantly reduced if only people were more trusting of the professional services that rehab facilities provide.

This begs the question: Why do people stay away from rehab centers, not only in Oklahoma but in other states as well?

The answer is quite simple and it is deeply rooted in the way that substance abuse disorders are often seen. Using drugs in a manner that is contrary to its intended purpose is considered illegal in any setting. Illicit drugs like heroin, LSD, and methamphetamine are outlawed. Prescription narcotic drugs like morphine, codeine, and their derivatives are not illegal for as long as they are used according to their purpose. Whether it’s illicit drugs or controlled substances, misuse is always illegal. Admitting oneself to an addiction center is like admitting to one’s guilt. This opens the individual to the arm of the law. And this is where many of Oklahoma’s rehab facilities are particularly concerned about.

When individuals who need help cannot be reached because of misplaced perception, their conditions may spiral out of control. And instead of averting unnecessary deaths, the often condescending attitude of certain members of society is pushing drug abusers away from help.

Oklahoma’s addiction treatment, while not really the best nor the worst in the nation, is heavily under-utilized. They know that they can help individuals who are suffering silently from the many ill effects of illicit drugs and prescription narcotics but they simply cannot go out to every individual home and drag everyone out to come into their rehab facilities.

Treatment must come voluntarily. And while there have been rehabilitees who were in the treatment center as part of the sanction meted upon them during their legal battles, their willingness and the resulting rehab outcome were less than satisfactory. This is why it is important to enlist the willingness of the individual to seek treatment.

Oklahoma’s rehab facilities offer a comprehensive approach to managing substance abuse disorders. Their facilities are manned by drug rehab professionals who know exactly what is needed in order to make significant changes in the individual’s life. Treatments are always customized and well-planned to incorporate the wishes of the individual as well as ensure that all of his physical and psychosocial needs are met. The amenities are tops and would even rival the best in other states.

The only lament is that few individuals ever use these facilities and invaluable resources that have been made available to them. And while Oklahomans are slowly getting their acts together, drug rehabilitation professionals are showing increased optimism to the hope that they would finally be able to reach out to more individuals needing professional help.

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