Pennsylvania’s Highly Successful Drug Rehab Facilities

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Pennsylvania has always been a trailblazing state. It is home to the first ever computer, the first newspaper daily, the first zoological garden, the first oil well, the first presidential mansion, and the first use of oxygen as a therapy.

Aside from the many firsts, Pennsylvania is also home to some of the nation’s historical and the world’s significant greats – chocolates from Hershey, Betsy Ross’ first American flag, and Col. Edwin L. Drake’s oil drilling that modernized the petroleum industry. Without a doubt, Pennsylvanians have always mastered their environment to bring to the world unique ideas that reverberate across generations. And when it comes to substance addiction treatment, Pennsylvania never runs out of innovative ideas.

And why not? When Dr. George Holtzapple saved the life of a pneumonia-stricken 16-year old patient, Frederick Gable from Loganville in 1885, it already signalled the beginning of the Pennsylvania healthcare professionals’ unrivalled expertise in coming up with innovative solutions for a variety of problems that their patients face.

Dr. Holtzapple’s contribution to the medical sciences through the creation of medical oxygen has saved countless lives. Now healthcare practitioners in Pennsylvania’s many drug rehab facilities are adhering to the same values and principles of Dr. Holtzapple in creating truly innovative ways in managing the substance abuse disorders of modern-day patients. Many of the state’s rehab and treatment facilities are staffed with professionals who are in constant pursuit of unparalleled excellence. This is the driving force behind the success of Pennsylvania’s substance treatment programs.

While individuals are moving away from illicit drugs and taking on prescription narcotic analgesics such as morphine, oxycodone, and hydromorphone, the members of the Pennsylvania rehab industry are staying put with what they do best – help individuals get the best possible treatment for their conditions and assist them make the successful transition from a life that is wrought with danger from substance abuse to a life that has more meaning and productivity.

Health experts providing a variety of drug treatment and substance rehabilitation services have one thing in common with Dr. Holtzapple – they treat their respective patients more as family members than mere patients.

Perhaps it is this emphasis on family relationships that clearly separate Pennsylvania’s substance rehab facilities. By looking at patients as family members, the interpersonal relationships are thus more grounded on trust. When the individual is able to trust his healthcare professionals, treatments and therapies can proceed smoothly, often progressing at an unimpeded pace. Furthermore, the drug rehabilitation professionals are able to ensure an outcome that is both satisfying for the members of the health care profession and life-changing for the individuals who have suffered substance abuse disorder.

By using well-proven yet highly individualized therapeutic programs, healthcare professionals in rehab facilities all over Pennsylvania are ensuring the success of the entire rehab program. Be it alcoholism, illicit drugs, or prescription drug abuse, individuals seeking professional help at a Pennsylvania substance addiction center are thus guaranteed a level of rehabilitation care that cannot be found anywhere else.

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