Drug Rehab Centers: Protecting the Legacy of Washington

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The only state ever to be named after a US President, Washington continues to bathe in the spotlight with its significant contributions to the modern world.

Marked with stark contrasts from being the nation’s largest apple producer to being the headquarters of the world’s leading IT company, Microsoft to the birthplace of the world’s best known cafe Starbucks, Washington continues to amaze native Washingtonians and other peoples all over the United States.

What is particularly amazing is that despite its preeminence in the IT sector and a very storied past, it failed miserably in a 2011 report that showed the states’ drug overdose related deaths were at the median of the 50-state study at 14 drug overdose deaths per 100,000. While this may be depressing to some, it clearly provided the push for Washington’s drug rehabilitation health workers to do something about it.

The major impetus for the renewed vigor in the substance rehabilitation efforts of Washington’s treatment facilities is largely based on the notion of upholding the integrity and legacy of the first US President, George Washington. It is a widely held belief that at least among the health workers of the rehab facilities, everything must be done to help improve the standing of the state in the fight against the drug menace.

While they do admit that the senseless deaths could have been easily prevented had professional help been sought at a much earlier stage, they also take cognizance to the fact that not everyone has a solid understanding and appreciation of the role of an addiction center in the management of certain facets of the drug problem.

Upholding the legacy of Washington might be a tall order for some, but definitely not for the state’s substance rehab and treatment centers. They are now increasing their presence in almost all the social media networking sites, capitalizing on the fact that the state is home to some of the world’s tech giants.

Rehab centers are taking to the virtual world to spread the good news about the rehabilitation services including newer and safer drug treatment protocols. It has been noted that one of the often cited reasons for the resurgence of the drug problem is the shift to prescription controlled substances. While law enforcement agencies have been waging a war with illicit drugs that reach the nation’s shores, it had lost sight of the fact that a more sinister problem can occur right at the heart of the nation.

Prescription controlled substances such as narcotics, antidepressants, and anxiolytic drugs have taken the nation in a flurry. Because these medications, albeit controlled, are easier to obtain and, with the right prescription, are perfectly legal, more and more people are falling victims to drug misuse. This is something that addiction treatment centers have to face if they want to uphold the legacy of President Washington.

Health workers know that the new wave of drug addiction requires an entirely different approach to treatment and management. As such, they have been working closely with other state officials and federal health experts to come up with the best solution to the new problem.

Nonetheless, recent studies reveal that whatever Washington’s rehab centers are doing is actually making a dramatic improvement in the management of the entire drug rehab program. Perhaps upholding the legacy of Washington proved to be right, after all.


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