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Spread on a land of about 177 square kilometers in what used to be part of Virginia and Maryland, Washington DC is the seat of the US Government and home to close to 660 thousand souls.

Being the seat of power in the United States, it has a reputation to uphold. And with the ever-increasing incidence of drug overdose deaths particularly those related to prescription controlled substances like codeine and morphine and their related synthetic analogues, many of the DC’s drug rehabilitation facilities are stepping up their efforts in mitigating the many ill effects of drug misuse.

Chief among these is the increased campaign on information dissemination primarily regarding the effects of the misuse of controlled substances. While narcotic analgesics are particularly useful in the management of moderate to severe pain, its action on the central nervous system has brought a variety of dependency levels such that more and more of the substance needs to be consumed in order to achieve the same therapeutic effect.

Health workers at Washington DC’s addiction treatment centers believe that this sets forth a vicious cycle of ever-increasing dosage consumption. Over time the brain tries to adjust to the presence of the substance such that it goes awry every time its levels drop significantly low leading to withdrawal symptoms. Together with tolerance, these withdrawal symptoms signal the vicious cycle of drug dependence resulting in drug addiction. If not properly managed, it can lead to overdose. If drug overdose is not managed promptly, then death will ensue.

This is something that Washington DC’s and the surrounding counties in Maryland and Virginia are trying to provide the answer to. A DC addiction center can only do so much but without support from the local and federal governments, all of their efforts might be lost. Nonetheless, rehab and treatment centers in the DC area are rather optimistic about the recent developments both in the management of substance abuse disorders and the rehabilitation protocols. 

With newer and safer therapeutic agents designed to mimic the addicting substance, drug rehabilitees will be given the opportunity to be weaned off the drugs in a more gradual manner. This allows for the effective management of any untoward reactions that might surface with the introduction of these newer agents. It is hoped that these pharmacologic treatment protocols will pave the way for more rehabilitees successfully completing their drug treatment programs.

So while other states are busy beefing up on their holistic approaches to rehabilitation, DC rehab specialists are blazing the trail of novel ideas and solutions that will hopefully give back to the rehabilitees the life they once enjoyed. Rehab and treatment centers in the nation’s capital are also banking on newer technologies as well as improvements in rehab amenities to provide a comforting and relaxing milieu for the rehabilitees’ own benefit.

The US capital is doing its part in finding answers to the drug problems of the nation. As a geopolitical entity however, it is sufficient to say that its many drug rehab centers are at the forefront of bringing many of the substance abusers back to the fold of society.

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