What Is That Burning Smell When I Turn on the Furnace?

In the freezing cold winters that are felt in snowy areas such as Utah, it is essential to have a furnace that is of the highest quality.
During the wintertime, there are signature smells of the season: pine trees, hot cocoa, the first snowfall…

Those smells excite us and make us ready to cozy up with our loved ones; however, there is a smell that goes along with a winter wonderland that is not as welcomed. Everyone has smelled it at least once, and it is the smell of turning on the furnace for the first time of the season. For HVAC companies, this is the most common question to be asked as the temperatures start to drop, “What is that burning smell when I turn on the furnace?”

This distinct burning smell could be for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is as simple as the dirt and dust particles that creep into the furnace over the year, especially during the summer season. Then, the first time the furnace is turned on, those dust and dirt particles get burned by the heat produced in the furnace, which creates the unpleasant smell. This smell is truly unavoidable; however, it is possible to suppress the odor with preventative maintenance that will ensure that the furnace stays in the best working condition.

Important Steps to Take to Keeping the Furnace in Prime Working Condition

Sometimes, the smell coming from the furnace is actually the result of a more serious problem within the furnace. There are some important steps to take in order to discover and alleviate the issue:

1. Have The Furnace Inspected by Professional HVAC Experts: Taking this first step will offer peace of mind. If the furnace is inspected, and there are no present problems, then this will ensure that the furnace is in the best working efficiency. In addition, it will make the experience given by the furnace specialist a more comfortable one. These regular furnace inspections will detect any maintenance that will need to be done on the furnace. Early detection of problems with the furnace will prevent bigger problems from arising, which will in turn, save money.  

2. Promptly Address Any Problems With A Furnace Tune-Up: It is best to have the furnace tune-up done prior to the fall or winter season, though it can be difficult to remember to do in the warmer seasons. Doing this ahead of time will ensure a faster service, and have the furnace in top working condition when it is needed during the cold. Additionally, having the furnace tune-up executed before it gets cold will help to determine any other problems with the furnace that may need to be handled before the furnace is needed for the winter season. These tune-ups are part of the regular furnace maintenance that is essential, especially if one wishes to remain in the same home for a long time.

3. Make Any Necessary Repairs to The Furnace: Any repairs that are needed to be made on the furnace will be detected after it is inspected and the tune-ups are made. Making these repairs as soon as possible will prevent additional costs and damages that are incurred in the furnace.

4. Have the Furnace Replaced If Necessary: If the prognosis is that the furnace needs to be replaced, employ professional HVAC experts to make the furnace replacement. In addition, sometimes it is a good idea to replace the furnace with a more energy-efficient furnace because it will save money overall. A good furnace technician can help to determine just how much money can be saved over time simply by installing a new furnace.

In the freezing cold winters that are felt in snowy areas such as Utah, it is essential to have a furnace that is of the highest quality. By following these simple steps, a furnace can warm a family, and complement a tight budget. A furnace is one of the best investments because a warm home is a comfortable home. 

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