Dr. Nie Wentao Outstrips Dr. Banting in Diabetes Mellitus

Recently, the paper – Nie Wentao Yu Banting De Tang Niao Bing Li Lun Bian Xi, – literally, Differences of theory on diabetes between Dr. Nie Wentao and Dr. Frederick Banting, is collected into China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database (CNKI): http://mall.cnki.net/magazine/Article/JKZL201509008.htm 

Since 2004, Dr. Nie has attached great importance to the phenomenon that the people with 2 type diabetes often have high blood insulin and high blood glucagon at the same time and coined the term “Double High Syndrome”. Furthermore, in his book ([M], 2007) – ‘Food Training and Diabetes Rehabilitation’, Dr. Nie pointed out the disease cause of type 2 diabetes on hormone level: the onset of type 2 diabetes is because of glucagon-driven insulin secretion. It reveals that the people in early stage of diabetes often have the physiological demand of blood sugar elevation. He discussed the relation between glucagon ad insulin under this condition, and pointed out that the glucagon is dominant and insulin is secondary. It provides a good answer to the question: why insulin resistance often occurs in people with type 2 diabetes. 

In 2011, Dr. Nie wrote the diabetic book for doctors and people with diabetes in English speaking countries and regions – Conquer Diabetes Mellitus. In practice, Dr. Nie insists that we should make great efforts to analyze what causes high blood sugar and turn the research on how to reduce the demands of elevating blood sugar in organism.  DIABENIT by Dr. Nie as an oral metabolic activator, specially designed for people with metabolic disorders, is just based on this theory.

We know that, the number of people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus has been increasing rapidly. The diabetic theory of Dr. Nie Wentao is suitable for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, relevant to more than 90 % of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. On the contrary, the theory of Dr. Banting is suitable for people the secondary diabetes and lack of insulin secretion. Now, more and more people around the world are paying attention to the theory of Dr. Nie Wentao and DIABENIT by Dr. Nie and many of them have benefited from them.

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