Virginia Beach Rapper Peso Dolla Releases New Hip Hop “Trap Music” Video of “Hundo”

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Peso Dolla, the acclaimed rapper and hip hop artist who makes Virginia Beach his home base, announced today that he has released a new music video of his song, “Hundo.” Posted on Peso Dolla’s YouTube Channel, the video depicts the tension and excitement of urban and its obsessions with money. “Hundo” is slang for a hundred dollar bill. Emblematic of the “Trap Music” style, the video features many shots of the artist counting money.

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“This new hip hop music video channels the complete spirit of trap music. It’s about the power of money in life – for good and bad – showing you that money is what you want, but it’s also a trap,” said Michael Malbrough, Marketing Director of Isight Media, which publishes Peso Dolla’s music. “The material succeeds because it seduces the viewer with its image of money as enticing, have-to-have element of life, but also presents the potential danger in being crazed by the acquisition of wealth.”

The “Hundo” music video presents an ironic take on the classic “gangster” lifestyle so often depicted in hip hop media. The main character, played by Virginia Beach Rapper Peso Dolla, handles huge wads of hundred dollar bills while his companions brandish pistols and automatic weapons. There are suggestions that they are involved in drug trafficking while pursuing an alluring, apparently wealthy woman. Yet, the song and the video also speak to the risks that this kind of pursuit brings.

Trap music, which originated in the 1990s, is a hip hop genre that typically features aggressive lyrics, 808 kick drums or heavy extended sub-bass lines in double or triple-time time division. The term “Trap Music” was coined in Atlanta by the rappers Cool Breeze, Dungeon Family, Outkast, Goodie Mob and Ghetto Mafia. The “Trap” is a place where drug dealers operation, with the music highlighting how difficult it is to escape the lifestyle.

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