Sales Go Global for EZ-Level, Revolutionary Cabinet Leveling Technology

NORTH PORT, Fla. – MorningStar Innovations announced today that it is now selling its EZ-Level system worldwide. EZ-Level is a revolutionary approach to the traditionally time-consuming and difficult process of leveling kitchen cabinets on installation. EZ-Level replaces the cumbersome and unreliable “shims” used by some contractors with a precise, easy-to-adjust mechanism to set a cabinet so it is exactly level regardless of the condition of the floor, walls or corners of a kitchen. The EZ-Level cabinet leveling system has been proven to reduce leveling time 1800% a typical cabinet installation. For example, a 3 hour leveling job with shims takes about 10 minutes with EZ-Level.

The company developed EZ-Level out of necessity for its own kitchen and bath contracting business. “We created the leveling system out of desperation due to the fact that many of our installs were in 100+ year old homes on the beach,” said Brooks Courtney, President of MorningStar Innovations. “Times were tough for everyone in our industry, so being able to cut half a day off of our jobs was a no brainer.”

EZ-Level solves a problem that has long vexed installers of kitchen cabinets. “As most installers know, virtually every kitchen floor is not quite level. Walls are not flush and corners are not square,” Courtney added. “Getting cabinets level, which is essential to avoid cracking granite countertops, is a huge challenge.” Courtney explained that with shims, which are basically just small, detached wooden wedges, each cabinet must be leveled individually. However, as successive cabinets are added, it becomes necessary to readjust the previously installed shims, which may be out of reach. Then, after installation, thermal conditions will cause shimmed foundations to fail quickly do to expansion and contraction.

EZ-Level employs a steel foot for each cabinet than can be adjust using a screwdriver in a few minutes. With EZ-Level, it is possible to install cabinets in groups. The EZ-Levels are 100% Made & Assembled In America. “I am passionate about being made in America,” said Courtney. “We provide employment to many families and that gives me great satisfaction.” The company also produced a video called “How To Install Kitchen Cabinets.” It is viewed by almost 1,200 people per day. Sales have gone global, with the EZ-Level Cabinet Leveling System going viral as word of mouth quickly spread through blogs and social media.

The system has received over 1,000 5 Star Reviews through 3rd party rating services.

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