Room in Room: Get Ready for a Warmer Winter and Lower Gas Bills!

Boston, MA – On November 26th 2015, iKamper launched a Kickstarter campaign for Room in Room, a specially designed indoor tent on your bed to conserve and circulate heat inside while blocking out the cold air outside.

“According to EIA and others, the average US winter heating bill ranges from $598 to $2092 during winter. Think of the hundreds of dollars you spend on heating every month. Is it really worth it?” asks Soon Park, president and CEO at iKamper, “Let’s be honest, your dilemma between surviving through cold winter and submitting to expensive heating bills continues every second of the long lasting and cruel winter.” 

Room in Room’s main fabric body is made of TC (Tetron Cotton), a combination of polyester and cotton that is a very common material for shirts and uniforms. It is soft and gentle on your skin and its cozy appearance visually lights up your room during winter. We use specially manufactured high density TC textile to maximize heat conservation inside Room in Room.

The mesh on top of the tent constantly ventilates the air inside, keeping the inside fresh and comfortable. The skeleton of Room in Room is highest quality aluminum 6061, known for its long durability, strong resistance, ultralight weight and eco-friendly. Aluminum 6061 is commonly used for structure of aircraft, yacht construction, bicycle frames and up-scale outdoor tents.

“As an outdoor tent specialist, we found the popular idea of the indoor tent in South Korea very interesting. Thus, starting last winter, our team started researching and studying the design, structure, and effectiveness of indoor tents,” explains Jennifer, one of Room in Room’s creators, “We modified and re-innovated the previously existing indoor tent and as a result launched Room in Room.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including an early bird Single Size Room in Room for $70, Twin Size for $80, Queen Size for $90 or King Size for $100. Backers can also pledge $150 for a couple or trio package that comes with two or three Room in Room’s with lap top stands, smart phone theatres and a personal hand written thank you card from the creators and more!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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