David&Martin Jewellery Sweden expands its business and announces a crowdfunding campaign

Swedish jewellery brand David&Martin is currently being relaunched worldwide with a strong focus on expansion to the new markets outside Europe. Brand is also announcing its first crowdfunding campaign in order to support company’s development plans. The funding campaign offers potential investors equity and jewellery rewards.

David&Martin’s style represents the essence of Scandinavian values, of sexuality and fashion, and its universal timeless design concept offers great possibilities for multiplying its success.

“David&Martin has great potential to become a very popular and desirable brand in Asia, and we strongly believe that we will be able to significantly increase brand awareness and sales by rolling out more marketing activities in the region,” tells Anthony Kunihiro, the new CEO of David&Martin Design Limited. Anthony Kunihiro stepped into the company in spring 2015 and has great experience working with international premium lifestyle brands in the US, Japan, China and other markets in the Asia-Pacific region.  

David&Martin is known for its revolutionary minimalistic design, clean and graphic jewellery pieces that are “feminine but not pretty”. The brand’s style is inspired by strong confident women and stays independent yet commercial, not following the ephemeral trends but rather creating tangible timelessness.  

David&Martin became internationally recognized after its collaboration with big fashion brands like Karl Lagerfeld, after launching its legendary Chicken Feet collection and being featured in the jewellery exhibition at the famous Colette boutique during Paris Fashion Week. 

The company aims to offer more timeless jewellery products to its customers around the world.

Find more information about David&Martin crowdfunding campaign here

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