Small Size but Complete Functions in Airwheel Mini Self-balancing Walkcar S6

Scientific technologies progress as time goes, and electronic products are getting smaller and more portable. Following this trend, Airwheel Technology launched a mini electric scooter S6. Though the size is smaller, the functions of S6 are quite powerful.

Whether for cell phones or tablet PC, the size of them is getting smaller and smaller. For example, Ipad has a small version of Ipad mini. Smaller and more portable devices are welcomed by office workers. Following this trend, Airwheel Technology launched a mini electric scooter S6, which has smaller size but powerful functions.

Compared with the previous two-wheeled scooters, Airwheel walkcar has significant changes in both appearance and internal performance. At first glance, people could tell that S6 is equipped with a saddle that shows Airwheel S6 has break away from convention since the previous intelligent self-balancing scooters mostly could only be operated by standing posture. The saddle is not designed for unique look but for practical function. Standing and sitting postures of operation are allowed and the dual operation modes will meet more people’s needs. 

When more people begin to use Airwheel mini self-balancing scooter S6, the security of riders seem to be of top priority. Sometimes, when electronic products have more functions, the stable performance could not be guaranteed. Though the functions of S6 have been dramatically enhanced, the safety performance is never been undervalued. Airwheel Technology has simplified the learning process. Its agility and safety assurance will help riders learn to use within short time.

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In terms of the materials, Airwheel electric motor S6 is made of PC materials, with wear resistance and anti-corrosion. In contrast with other materials, PC materials appear more artistic and elegant. As for the metallic materials, S6 adopts mainly the magnesium alloy and aluminium alloy with smaller density and better heat dissipation ability. Airwheel S6 is small but with an adjustable operating arm, and it is fit for people with different heights. The nimble size has also lowered the weight of itself. S6 weighs only around 14 kg. Even cute girls could lift it without burden. 

A small body could generate great power. The functions of Airwheel electric scooter S6 are not determined by the size but the quality materials chosen. 

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