Tracey Birdsall not surprised her career encompasses more \”action\” now

“Tracey Birdsall”
Former soap star has always been a physical human being

Former soap star Tracey Birdsall (“Loving”, “The Young & The Restless”) has quickly become one of the most popular names in science-fiction.

Producing and starring in her own genre vehicles, the Malibu-based thesp has no less than four major projects due out over the next twelve months – including “Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter”, which has snared significant buzz from the online community.

Birdsall stars in the film alongside “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”’s Daz Crawford, and “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock”’s Stephen Manley.

Currently in production in the Salton Sea, Yuma, Arizona (same locations as “Return of the Jedi” used), it’s a “Star Wars” meets “Mad Max” actioner about “the overthrow of humanity by Artificial Intelligence”.

Supporting cast includes Livvy Stubenrauch (”Frozen”), Erin Bethea (”Fireproof”), Tim McGrath, Ashley Park, and Aaron Jacques (”I Might Even Love You”). Neil Johnson directs.

Birdsall will also reprise the role in a new TV series “The Gods of War”.

In addition to the “Rogue Warrior” ‘franchise’, Birdsall will be seen in the title role in comedy “Who’s Jenna…?”, the time-travel film “At the Edge of Time” and “Starship Apocalypse”, in which he she provides the voice of a computer.

“I am an action-oriented human being, so I was eager to use more physicality in my roles! I work every day on my fitness and my healthy eating habits just as a way of life, so I think it was a natural progression for me. I love doing the action myself, although the endurance level required was even greater than what I had imagined. Luckily, I never question directors—so when he says, “let’s do it again”, my brain just does it—it’s my programming! What I under-estimated was the amount of calories I would have to consume! I ate everyone’s leftovers.”

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